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Complete Tutorial: Easy Ways to Reboot XIAOMI Hp | For All Type | 5 Minutes Done

Xiaomi : Reboot, Reset, Restart

On this occasion, no more small talk, let’s go straight to the core discussion, because it feels like the previous article has explained in detail how to backup data, restore lost data, advantages and disadvantages of doing a factory reset process.

Reboot Hp

Actually it is not suitable to call this process a reboot, because reset and reboot have different purposes, but this term is often used by Android smartphone users who aim to research their cellphones. Not only that, the word restart is also commonly used. Rebooting a cellphone is the act of returning to the initial settings or factory settings, in short the appearance of our smartphone will change like the first time you bought it, all your data will be deleted, be it storage files in applications, photos and so on.

There are various reasons when someone wants to reboot their Android phone, the most common is because there are many problems, ranging from errors, lags, performance starts to slow down to applications that often crash. Yes, basically this action is one option to restore the performance of an Android Smartphone, and has proven to be effective.

Instead of lingering, follow the steps How to Reset / Reboot XIAOMI Hp for all brands:

Before starting to pay attention to the power on your Android smartphone, if it’s less than 50% try to do the charging first!.

Normal Way:

Step : Settings > About phone > Backup and Reset > Factory reset > reset phone > select erase > Wait until the automatic reboot process is complete > Restart Smartphone

Explanation : Go to the settings section or the cool language is “Settings”, when you are in this menu, continue to search and find “Additional settings”, when you enter the menu section, the next action is to click “Backup and Reset”, now many submenus will appear Otherwise, find and select “Back to Factory Settings” before clicking on that section it’s a good idea to remember whether there is still data that must be protected, try to check again carefully in each storage folder in case something is left, because based on personal experience even though it has nothing to do with cellphones, in the past, I reinstalled a laptop with the same process, namely returning to factory settings.

At that time I was sure that all the files had been backed up and put in a safe place, but after the installation was finished, I remembered that there were important data for 4 online course certificates, their position was in the “folder in the folder”. Had a tantrum raging wildly, but yes, who else would you like to blame if not for being careless. If you are 100% sure, please click on the option, then select “reset phone”, click delete to continue the device reboot process, this process is done automatically, just wait until it’s finished.

Hard Reset/Reboot Xiaomi HP

Stages: Shut down the cellphone > press and hold Power + Volume Up simultaneously > Choose English > Wipe data or Factory reset > wipe all data > press yes > the process runs automatically, wait for it to finish.

Explanation: Make sure to shut down the device first, so my friend can do the next step, namely press and hold the “Power + Volume up” button simultaneously, don’t release it, wait until the screen displays the Xiaomi logo which indicates that you will be taken to the “MI” section. Recovery”. If the system asks you to choose a language, then select “English”. Up to this point need to be reminded again; if you are still in doubt or not sure, it’s a good idea to cancel this process. But when it’s ready, please click “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, my friend will be presented with “Wipe All Data” please click and select “Yes” to proceed to the Hard Research process.


Maybe there are some of my friends who ask and complain “how come you can’t, bro, failed, there is no this and that option?”, if the first method fails, just skip it and move on to the second tutorial, try to follow step by step so you don’t miss anything or wrong click. If there is a wrong click, just repeat the steps from the beginning.

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