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Cool| Bright Indoor Celebgram Lightroom Formula | Lr Indoor

celebgram lightroom formula
Lr indoor/indoor

This is a continuation of the previous article entitled ” COMPLETE DICTIONARY : Lightroom Effect Formulas Tutorial.

If you are a candidate or want to become a celebgram, then the first thing you have to do is display a variety of beautiful and interesting photos, so sooner or later those who see your photos will feel interested in knowing more about you, seeing your daily life with all feeds and story, uhhh of course it will be a challenge for you.

It’s impossible to display a photo with a wrinkled face in front of people who are always waiting for your new post. For this reason, this celebgram-style Lightroom formula tutorial was made so that you have a reference and it will be helped in presenting the results of celebgram-style interesting poses.

Regarding celebgram-style editing, you can also try various Lightroom editing formulas in the list below regarding popular keywords that are often searched by other users, who knows, they can be used as references in the future and this is no less cool than other Lightroom formulas:

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5. Lightroom Selfie dark and white formula

The tutorial collection above is still the same theme as the program, you can say like a brother and sister, the only difference is the lighting and texture and background color. Most of these focus on high lighting, but still fresh in all aspects, be it the skin, the background, and all the elements in the photo.

Before actually getting into the editing stage in the Lightroom application, it’s a good idea to look at the lighting and other elements in your posed image, the default color also has an influence on the results later. So in this case, you have to be careful with the details of each object that is there to make it easier for you to determine the right action.

Because if you don’t pay attention, this preset will only produce photo effects that you don’t want, in other words, there are some elements that are not balanced, such as contrast, exposure, highlights and others.

Even so, there’s nothing wrong with trying first, right if there are errors or not appropriate, it can be corrected.

Here’s Selebgram’s Lightroom Formula:


Lighting : -0.2

Contrast : -52

Highlights : 25

Shadow : 98

White Hue : -25

Black Hue : 32


Temperature : -1

Pattern : 10

Vibrance : 35

Saturation: 8


Red : hue -15 > saturation 14 > Luminance 11

Dark yellow : 13 > 15 > 1

Light Yellow : -7 > 98 > 1

Green : -7 > -97 > 1

Aqua : 2 > -95 > 1

Blue : 8 > 45 > -15

Purple : 1 >1 > 3

Margenta : 2 > 2 > 2


Texture : -12

Clarity: 20

Fog Effect : 10

Vignette : 5

Featers : 55

Roundness : 11


Sharpening: 14

radius 1.40

details : 32

mask : 0

Noise Reduction: 12

details : 50

Contrast : 58

Color Noise Reduction: 10

details : 50

Fineness: 50

Tips :

If the lighting in your shots has low light, please adjust the gradation in the light, if there is a little blur in certain parts, play the texture value, increase it until you get the right and cool result.

The excitement of editing in this smartphone editor software is truly second to none, especially when you’re relaxing, or taking pictures with other friends. So, so that the results are satisfactory, take a lot of poses at once and then select which one is more suitable for further editing, once you’re done, just upload it anywhere, whether it’s social media, albums and others.

If there are shortcomings in this Selebgram Lightroom Formula tutorial, I hope you can forgive me, thank you for the rest.

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