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Cool Kuy Presets | Lightroom Dark Gray Formula | Outdoor & Indoor

lightroom dark gray formula

Playing photo elements in order to get the perfect look is the desire of many people. Armed with a camera, it feels like something is missing if the shots don’t enter the editing kitchen. Adding filters, effects and all kinds of things is something that must be done.

The Lightroom dark formula is one of the keywords that is currently being typed through a lot of searches, therefore, this tutorial appears as a form of concern for the development of the world of photo editing using Lightroom.

What will be discussed is still not much different from what it used to be, regarding presets and filter settings so you can get references that you might want to apply to your posed photos.

If you say it’s normal, it seems that the lightroom dark formula has quite a lot of interest, especially the recommendations that are currently scattered everywhere, proving that this Preset has popularity and a place in the hearts of users of the Lr application on Android smartphones.

It is undeniable, regarding dark photos, we can find various special categories there, there are; dark grey, blue, pink, green, aqua tone, aqua marine and so on.

On this occasion, we will focus more on one category, namely the lightroom dark gray formula. What does dark gray look like?, you can see an example of the photo above, but there is one dominant color there which is its trademark, namely gray, a light brown appearance with slightly dark lighting.

At first glance, it may not look very attractive, it looks more like black and white, but don’t get me wrong, the main object still has its own characteristic color, for example skin and clothes.

Are you impatient to have this preset, then please try it. This is the Lightroom dark gray formula:


The light intensity remains at a minus value, this will produce a dark effect as the original purpose of the photo you want to display.

Lighting : -0.71

contrast : -19

Highlights : 6

Shadow : 0

White Hue :-72

Black : -51


The clearer the appearance of the filter if the saturation value is close to -50,

Temp : -3

Pattern : 23

Vibrance : 10

Saturation -44


You can see how the minus number dominates the mix or mix settings for each color. At this stage, we have actually gotten the main elements of the dark gray preset.

Red : 0, -56, -60

Orange : 0, -58 , -75

Yellow : 0 , -61, -58

Green : 0, -54, -47

Aqua : 0, 0, 0

Blue : -30, -44, -52

Purple : -24, -41,-49

Pink : 0,-38, -46


The dark atmosphere is further emphasized by the minus value on the vinette, and the advice, do not exceed the number -20, the range can be adjusted from -10 to -20.

Texture : 34

Clarity : -12

Fog Effect : -2

Vinette : -16


Color noise plays an important role in obtaining an element of softness or softness for the overall appearance.

Sharpen : 21

Radius : 1.00

Noise Reduction :25

Color Noise Reduction : 69

Fineness: 50

What do you think of the final result?, is it quite interesting or vice versa?. The hope is that the final appearance will be very satisfying, according to what you had previously imagined.

If you feel something is missing, be it in terms of color, softness, sharpness, light, etc., the way to fix it is easy, just go to one of the settings for these elements, then make adjustments until you get the right feel.

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