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Coolest Preset NATURE Photo Editing | Lightroom Dark Green Pastel Formula

dark green pastel presets
Lr Photo Editor Android

How about the picture above, are you getting interested? Indeed, not all objects can be applied to this preset, only those with certain colors, for example, you can see in the picture. There are trees that already have this colored background from the start, and I think this is more suitable since it is a characteristic of nature, but what do you think?

The Lightroom Dark Green Pastel formula is not very widely known, perhaps from the many photo editor application users, only a handful have ever used this filter. But that doesn’t mean this preset is not good, there are several reasons why it’s rarely used, and one of them is because there are too many filter options for natural scenes plus photo conditions that don’t allow the Lightroom dark green pastel formula to be installed.

Lightroom Pastel Presets | Smooth Color

I myself like to make personal moment galleries, one of which was done on the Instagram application, but it doesn’t only consist of a collection of photos, but there are also videos, all of which are uploaded regularly from 2022, one day you must post at least one photo or video. Exactly in 2022, all the data on my IG was backed up and then saved, and now it’s still in the editing process to be used as a collection of daily moments.

Have you ever thought of an incident when you saw a post on a certain date? If the answer is yes, it means we are the same. So, for that reason, you can use this preset in order to make your work more optimal in terms of appearance, be it color, texture, detail and others. All of this is done for a purpose; that one day when you see your pose in the old days, the colors can make memories clearly and in detail the events of that time.

The hope is that this lightroom dark green pastel formula can make all of that happen, although there are still many other presets, at least you can use this as a reference in the future, if you want a pastel green look at one of the moments in your photos. Since I myself have run out of words, if so, please adjust it according to the settings below:


The comparison between high lighting and other elements has a minus value, the main reason for applying these settings is to get a dark effect and a cold atmosphere. So what’s the connection?, both of them have a relationship with each other, if you don’t believe it, just pay attention to all the dark or dark effects in the photo.

Lighting : 0.84

contrast : -15

Highlights : -20

Shadow : -32

White Hue : 34

Black : -43


Actually for the photo above, the green pastel appearance has started to form when you play this suit.

Temp : -1

Pattern : -62

Vibrance : 15

Saturation -31


the value in this section is not absolute, you are free to set numbers with a range of 5 down or 3 up. Because it might be a bit difficult if you have to adjust the numbers to match the ones here.

Red : -44, -50, -43

Orange : 17, -62 , -46

Yellow : 18 , 20 , 27

Green : 39, -27, -14

Aqua : -14, -36, -4

Blue : 21, -43, -29

Purple : -35, -33,-38

Pink : -20,-34, -26


What is mandatory here is only the vignette value, make sure it is in a minus state, because its role is very important to add to the dark atmosphere in the photograph.

Texture: 15

Clarity : -7

Fog Effect: 16

Vignette : -22


Color noise reduction must be more than 20, and less than 70. The reason is that the color display is smoother and softer, it’s guaranteed to be cool.

Sharpen : 2

Radius : 1.00

Noise Reduction :41

Color Noise Reduction : 36

Smoothness: 78

And finally we have arrived at the end of the post, if you feel there are still things that don’t fit, especially the colors and lighting that make up the dark green pastel, the solution is quite easy, just play with the highlight and contrast values ​​then proceed to the Mix or mix sub menu, setting the green color and lower its “Burnout”. Hopefully the final result of your photo will be even cooler and cooler with the Lightroom Dark Green Pastel formula.

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