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Difference Between Plaque and Vandel | Plus Functions, materials and uses

When attending an activity, usually we are always shown and given some objects after the activity ends.

In competition activities, whether it’s sports, choir or competition, the winner will be given a prize in the form of an object that we usually call a trophy, or a piece of paper which is commonly referred to as a charter, but actually both are only symbolic for the winners.

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Although the shape is different, the function remains the same, namely as an award.

It’s different again when attending an activity that is group in nature, there’s no such thing as a finalist, now it’s impossible to suddenly be given a trophy as an award, the right souvenir for an activity like this is usually called a Vandel or also known as a plaque.

Plaque and Vandel are the same thing?if someone says yes, maybe not, because so far the use of these two words can be said to be ambiguous, describing 2 objects that are clearly different in terms of form and function.

What is a Plaque?

If we refer to the meaning of wikipedia and KBBI “Plaque is a note, sign, or signpost that is installed in a public place as an information, whether it is installed on the side of the road, in a building or on an invitation card.

What is Vandel?

Again referring to wikipedia and KBBI “Vandel is a small tassel flag that is hung around the name of an organization or group”. Its use is often used as a souvenir or memento to remember an event.

The two are clearly different in terms of function and form, so the plaque that has been very familiar as a souvenir is probably Vandel’s.

But because the placards and Vandel have been attached to souvenirs and souvenirs, yo wes.

Use of Vandel

As already mentioned above, vandel is often used as a souvenir at certain moments, here are the types:

  1. Organization activity
  2. Weddings
  3. Graduation Activities
  4. Graduation Activities
  5. Sports activities

And many more. Vandels are made of wood, glass, marble and fiberglass

Vandel and Plaque Examples

Vandel Kindergarten Graduation

Vandel graduation

Example of a placard

Vandel example


When viewed in general, the function of trophy, charter, vandel which is commonly called a plaque is used as a symbol of appreciation. However, there was confusion in the mention between Vandel and the plaque for the same object. Yo wes Bro, just to set the record straight.

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