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Digital Works at Exorbitant Prices " Everydays : The First 5000 Days " | Most Expensive NFT 2022

The most expensive NFT 2021
Everydays : The First 5000 days. Image Source: Beeple

Lately, today until the time this post was written, buying and selling digital works is still very hotly discussed on various virtual world platforms. Departing from the topic of NFT or the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token, in short, NFT is a digital product that has been licensed by its original owner.

Actually, NFT has existed for a long time, it is common among non-physical digital asset activists, which distinguishes it from physical products, yes, that is, because its existence is in the digital or virtual sphere.

But that’s not what started the popularity of NFT, it all started with some NFT transaction activities that might seem to make my friend and I shake our heads while rubbing our chests because the price offered is no longer the 3 digits behind the comma, but has reached the 12 digits behind the comma or has touched trillions of figures.

Those fantastic numbers are in the digital masterpiece The Merge, while “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” takes second place as 2022’s Most Expensive NTF. The work “Everydays”, is basically a large square image file measuring 21,069 by 21,069 pixels . This is a digital work mosaic consisting of images that have been released by a website called Beeple.

It is a collection of photos that are randomly stacked like small pieces when viewed from afar. Every day, since May 1, 2007. The “Everydays” series is more or less the digital equivalent of a sketchbook, although what Beeple can prepare with 3D graphics becomes more and more complicated as we get closer to the present.

Everydays: The First 5000 Days is an NTF digital artwork created by a collage artist who owns the Beeple website, his name is Mike Winkelmann, usually called Mike. His work was sold for USD 69 million, bought by a crypto investor from Singapore under the pseudonym Metakovan, if it is converted to around 900 billion rupiah, with the dollar-rupiah exchange rate in 2022 this may have almost touched 1 trillion. Metakovan bought it for 42,329 Etherium.

Based on the latest news obtained, it turns out that the exorbitant price of “Everydays” is not a copyright transaction, but only a permit to re-display Mike’s digital work to a Metaverse museum.

Not to mention if he sold the copyright, Auto sultan the Mike !!. Here are some examples of pictures that make up Mike Winkelmann’s “EVerydays” Mosaic:

Example of everydays NTF photos
This is one of Mike’s collage collection photos. The photo shows a visual illustration of a person fighting a human-bodied virus (Photo Source: Beeple

Almost all the images displayed are illustrations with different themes.

This photo is also one of the ones in Everydays: The First 5000 days. Photo Source: Beeple


Everydays: The First 5000 Days is one of them, there are still more than this, for example The Merge reaches 1.3 trillion rupiah.

Even the selfie photo of a man named Ghozali was translucent at 6 million rupiah per photo.

What’s even more surprising is that tweets were sold for almost 1 billion rupiah.

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