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Don't Be Surprised !!. Turns out he's the first Hero Marksman in Mobile Legends

Mm oldest and strongest

Are you one of the mobile legends game activists, if so, then you should know this information. Many of my friends felt excited when Moonton announced their new hero, from the first time this mobile-based moba game was released, there have been tens or even hundreds of hero characters created, they always have their own uniqueness and advantages. But behind the advantages of course there are disadvantages, therefore teamwork is always the main thing, player cohesiveness is tested in the game, individual skills alone do not guarantee you win, there are many determining factors, but what you should know, Mobile legends gameplay is designed 5 vs 5 , which means, you don’t play alone, but in a team.

To complete the team, the developer has prepared various kinds of heroes with their respective roles, each role certainly has its own role, for example fighter is made to beat the enemy, assassin with his role as executor, high level of mobility, allows this type of role to move agile and equipped with high-level damage, then there is Marksman equipped with long-range attack abilities, this type seems useless in the early minutes, because the presence of this type of hero is specifically for late game battles.

Talking about the Headquarters, almost all players must have been in this position, sometimes this type is often a bone of contention, especially for those who like to accelerate the speed of the thumb, how to use it is very easy, most of them rely on basic attacks to attack the enemy, even though there are skills available and ultimate, but its role is more like a complement, because basic attacks are more deadly when a team fight occurs in the late game minutes.

Who is the First Marksman in Mobile Legends Game?

But do you know Marksman’s ancestors in the Mobile Legends game? Guess what, if you still have doubts and don’t know, let me give you a little spoiler; This MM has an incredibly fast attack speed, he holds a bow, and his 1st skill allows this hero to launch an attack with several arrows. From the information above, maybe many of you have got an idea, who she really is, if you answer Miya, it turns out you are right.

There must be someone who asks “Why not Lyla?” even though lyla is present in the gameplay tutorial figure, in fact she is not the first MM, but Miya.

Miya is the ancestor of Marksman, she is one of the oldest heroes in the Mobile Legends game, even though it is fairly old, but she is not forgotten, until now players still often use it as a complement to the MM position in the game, the reason is clear, from Until the time this article was written, Miya’s ability was still a fear and threat to opponents during the late game, her presence was always the decisive victory, but again who and how much control over this elder character made by Moonton.

As a reminder, the ability of Miya’s character in the story is obtained from the moon god who grants her prayer, he gives great power to Miya’s bow and arrow weapons, this happens during the battle of the orcs against humans. Because the war was getting wider and closer to the territory of the elves, Miya and other troops were sent by her people to expel the two nations who were in conflict, but due to the unequal number of elves troops, they were finally forced to withdraw their troops to the moon temple.

Conclusion and Closing

So now you know the answer to the question “who is the first Marksman in the Mobile Legends game”, there are interesting things about life values ​​that can be taken from the story of this character, including; patriotism, unyielding and willing to sacrifice, that’s what we can learn from the life of the first Marksman in Mobile legends.

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