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Easy Way to Import Database From WHMCS To Blesta | Less Than 10 Minutes

how to move billing whmcs to blesta
Whmcs database migration to blesta

Actually this article was written as part of the process of introducing web hosting billing as a result of a discussion in one of the web hosting forums, through a question from a member “How do I migrate WHMCS to Blesta?”,

Because of my position as the best listener of the silent sir, I try to summarize some of the results of the discussions there, and make them an important note on the blog, yes, that’s free knowledge, when will it be.

What are WHMCS and Blesta?

Both are web hosting billing used in almost all world service providers. In Indonesia, the most popular web hosting billing is WHMCS because it is estimated that 98% of hosting providers use this billing.

Difference between WHMCS and Blesta

If you are asked about the differences, the most obvious thing can be found in the script code, in Blesta this script is open source, and only some of them are not or in other languages, some open source are encrypted for certain reasons.

While WHMCS itself, all the scripts contained there are not open source, or all script code is encrypted.

The obvious advantage of Blesta is that users can do application development easily and it is compatible with many plugins because of its open source nature when it comes to WHMCS.

Although at this point Blesta is superior, it does not mean that Blesta is better than WHMCS. Both have advantages and disadvantages, back again to the needs of the user.

So far, at least there is a little picture for users who want to switch from WHMCS to Blesta.

How to Import Database From WHMCS to Blesta

  • Before starting the database migration process, in WHMCS the setting is “Allow From Anyhost”
  • Next ; go to the WHMCS file manager, do configuration.php for the purposes of filling out the form on the Blesta import Manager WHMCS
  • go to the Blesta dashboard, go to the settings menu or settings
  • Continue by selecting a plugin
  • please continue to select availability
  • Find the Import Manager Plugin
  • select installed then select manage


Not all versions of the above support import manager, only a few, maybe you can try which one is compatible. But in general, the way to import the data base from WHMCS to Blesta above is the most common way.

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