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Easy Ways to Activate the Voice Chat Feature on Roblox | HP & PC

how to activate voice chat on roblox pc
Roblox voice chat tutorial

Almost all online-based video games are now equipped with voice chat features, although some of them still have many shortcomings such as delays and so on, but their presence has advantages over having to use other methods, because it will be difficult, if you have to type in the chat column to games of a certain genre.

Voice chat which is currently still popular among game players is Discord, but as we know, nowadays almost all games already have voice chat in game, discord’s presence seems only as an alternative.

Long before Voice chat came to Roblox, discord was always the first choice, but that was then, now we all can access Roblox-style discord just by activating the Voice chat feature.

Before actually accessing the Roblox Voice chat feature, please note, there are also uses for it rules that must be obeyed as ;

1. Prohibited Toxic or prohibited from saying inappropriate words such as harsh words, dirty, provocative and so on

2. This feature is only available for players aged 13 years and over.

Roblox made the above rules for several reasons as confirmed; By presenting the above rules Roblox believes they are protecting the more impressionable users on the platform from potentially inappropriate content. or an experience unsuitable for a younger audience or player.

After reading the rules above, at least you have an idea so you don’t get banned from the platform, because until now, Roblox still applies very strict rules for players who violate the rules.

Here’s How To Activate The Voice Chat Feature On Roblox On Cellphones And PCs

1. Please login to Settings menusee picture below

2. Select Account info or Account Info, after entering the account info, make sure the phone number and email have been added, because for verification, you need one of the two, you can also enter one of them, and make sure to enter the original date.

3. Next is to verify by selecting “Verify My Age

4. Next, my friend is required to prepare “Valid ID“, ID card (KTP for those who already have, SIM, student card, etc.), passport or other identification. Just select “Start Session“, you will be directed through the browser, you should use chrome. Don’t close the Roblox bro

5. After logging in to the Roblox Websiteusually you have to wait for the verification queue, not long, only a few seconds or minutes depending on the number of queues

6. Let’s Get Your Verified, do a start session to take ID photos (can be ID cards, driver’s licenses, student cards, passports) front and back, selfie photos.

7. After step 6 is complete, next is waiting for all the data to be uploaded and checked automatically,

8. Log back into Roblox, make sure the data verification is successful, usually if it works it says “thank you” in account info

9. Age and data verification has been successful, continue back to “Settings“, open “Privacy“, at the bottom there is Beta Features : Enables Voice Chat, please, my friend, turn on the feature. Done.

For advanced settings such as chat filtering, you can do it as needed.

Notes : The above method can be applied to Roblox on smartphone devices or on PC devices, in the end, hopefully it will be useful.

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