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Easy Ways to Buy ROBUX on ROBLOX Via HP | Only 6 Steps

how to buy robux
Tutorial on buying Robux through an Android phone

Just a note, because some time ago, exactly 2 days before this post was made, my first experience was buying Robux for the Roblox platform using an Android cellphone. Previously, I bought robux via PC because I didn’t know the service and how to buy it via cellphone.

What is Robux?

In short, Robux is an online currency that is used to transact on the Roblox platform, we can buy items and accessories on this game platform by utilizing the Robux online currency.

Robux is only valid on the Roblox platform, more or less like diamonds in Mobile legends, for example or a special medium of exchange.

How to Buy Robux Through Hp?

Here I personally use the service from, this is not a promotion, yes, but you can say yes, not directly, because the tutorial concerns the service above.

A little illustration for calculating the price per unit, if you buy retail one robux the price is a bit expensive when compared to buying per package.

1 Robux is priced at IDR 200, if you buy it retail

1 Robux is valued at Rp. 120, if you buy a package of 100 robux.

Robux Purchase Steps On

  1. When logging in for the first time, the user is required register and create an account first
  2. Account is ready, please search in the search field, for example ; Robux in Roblox
  3. You will be presented Robux package optionssurely you want the best price
  4. after Enter to product, don’t forget to fill in “Roblox Nickname”because this robux will be transferred directly to our Roblox account
  5. Continue to Payment VerificationThere are many payment methods, you can use credit, just link, OVO, and so on
  6. After successful transaction, we just need to wait or contact the seller for further confirmation, until Robux actually logs into the Roblox account.

Based on personal experience, this takes approximately 15 minutes, but based on sharing with other players, it can be fast or slow depending on the seller’s response.

Notes : To be careful when choosing a package from the seller, because in some cases there is a long delay, some 1 day even up to 2 weeks after the payment process. If you’re lucky, you can also get cheap robux.


Now that’s how to buy Robux via an Android phone, not only easy, the prices offered also vary, from low to fairly high prices, of course we as buyers want the best price according to our version.

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