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Easy Ways to Calibrate & Overcome Gyroscope Errors on all Android Phones | Complete Tutorial

realme mobile motion sensor settings
hello Battleroyale friends

The gyroscope on your smartphone is in error or has it just been installed?, before use, this sensor needs a calibration. I’m not going to talk a lot about what the functions and benefits of a gyroscope are, because all of you guys already know the purpose and purpose of coming here. As a fan of battleroyale-based mobile games, the presence of a gyro is very much needed, especially for those who want their scope shots to always be right on target. Recoil is the main problem during the targeting process, it’s not easy to make everything stable manually, to make it easier of course you have to use help, and Gyro is very familiar among these players to keep their screen orientation stable.

How come the Gyroscope on your smartphone often delays or slows down?

Friends, you must feel disturbed, or even often get emotional yourself just because of trivial things that shouldn’t occur during shooting in the pubg game, yes, the term eats the heart, although not a few feel the same way, but do you know that this happened? because of the cache buildup on your android phone, it’s usually in the application section. So that similar incidents do not happen again, try to regularly clear the cache after opening certain applications.

Other causes also come from installing too many heavy applications, maybe it doesn’t matter if your smartphone has high specifications, it can’t be denied that almost 80% of problems that occur on smartphones are caused by clashes between processes that run behind the scenes, software rarely updates one of the culprits. big cause of errors appearing here and there.

The reason PUBG mobile Gyroscope error is not working

not a few complain about this, almost most of the problems occur on the system side, the cause is clear because it may rarely update or never at all, so a bug appears in the software that crashes in some parts.

After knowing some of the contributing factors, hopefully the information above can help so that similar incidents do not happen again. Let’s continue with the tutorial on how to calibrate Gyro on an Android Smartphone, before that you need to know that these steps are explained specifically according to your cellphone brand;

1. Xiomi/poco X3 NFC

The steps are quite simple and easy to understand, you just need to go to Settings, about the phone, Click 5x on the android version, wait until you are brought to the engine menu, find the gyroscope, then do the calibration process by selecting “Calibrate”.

2. Vivo and Oppo

You only need to type *#808#, after entering the engine menu, then click gyro, all you have to do is put your cellphone on a media or flat surface, after making sure everything is ready, just click “gyro selftest” then click “selftest” then automatically Automatically the calibration process starts, wait for it to finish.

3. Samsung

Slightly different on the dial, type *#0*#, test menu, click sensor, position the cellphone in a flat place, click gyro selftesy, selftest.

Using Third Party Software

There is still another way if your smartphone brand is not listed above, or if you don’t want to bother, you can install a special application that is already available on the Playstore.

Do you often play heavy games? Care Tips

This message is intended for fellow countrymen and countrymen, especially Battleroyale-based game players and other heavy game connoisseurs, to always carry out maintenance on the device every day, such as cleaning junk files and regularly updating apps. No need to wait for notifications from developers, or the emergence of additional features, just update, because resource damage can also bring up an update option if you check directly on the Playstore section.


If that fails, don’t rush to reset your device to its initial settings. It should be underlined, if you feel there is no other way, then the last option was, research into factory settings. Before that, make sure important data is backed up and safe. That’s roughly the tutorial on calibrating the gyro sensor.

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