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Easy Ways to Change Chat Color in the WhatApps Application | Only 5 Steps

how to change chat color on wa
Change whatsapp chat color

Who is this tutorial for? Personally, just remember, right? :D, if you need it, wes, happy reading!

Who is not familiar with this one chat application, Android smartphone users must be very familiar with how to use it and some of the settings in it. You can chat with your friends who are in other places, both abroad and within the country. Yes, it doesn’t need to be explained again, you must already know its function, and I’m sure those of you reading this are one of the users.

Several times whatapps has updated the display, for example, there are light and dark modes, this is nothing but so that users feel comfortable when reading chat, there is no reason the letters that are displayed are not clear because of lighting disturbances.

You can make other settings, for example changing the background in the chat column, or the size and type of font. But you know that the color of the letters that are displayed can also be changed according to your wishes

No need for a lot of small talk, let’s go directly to how to change the chat color in the WhatsApps application:

How to Change Chat Font Color in WhatsApp

1. First download and install the Font for Whatsapp or Blue Word application, choose one. The application can be downloaded on the Playstore and is provided for free

2. Then open the Font For Whatapps or Blue Word application

The functions of these two applications are the same, and how to use them is not much different!

3. After the application is open, type the text that will be sent via whatapps, the choice of color and font styles can be adjusted according to each other’s wishes.

4. The results that appear, then copy, then open whatapps, select the contact you want to send a message to

5. Paste in the chat column. The final result itself can be seen in the chat that was just sent.

Does the recipient of the chat see the font style and color sent?

Maybe someone thinks that the chat style can only be seen through their own smartphone, while the recipient of the message only sees normal messages on their cellphone. Although these applications are only installed on their own cellphones, the recipient of the message can also see the message style that has been changed.

For those of you who want to make the chat atmosphere on WhatsApp more interesting and colorful, maybe you can try the method above. Finally, hopefully useful, thank you 😀

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