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Easy Ways to Change Colors and Text Effects in Mobile Legends Chat

how to change mlbb chat color
Change the color and style of mlbb chat

You must be wondering how to make colored text in chat or in Mobile Legends (MLBB) nicknames, right? Let’s keep watching

Just sharing and a small note, so it’s easy to remember in case you forget how to make colored writing in one of the phenomenal Moonton games.

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Previously, I also posted a tutorial on how to make a fake wr MLBB.

Maybe there are others, which players don’t or don’t know much about. But in this segment, we won’t talk much, just get to the point.

How to Make MLBB Colored Writing

First of all, my friend must first determine what color you want to display, after knowing what color,

then we just need to find out the code of the color, how to do it by typing into the google search field, for example ” red html color code”, and so on depending on needs.

It should be noted that usually the color code always starts with a hash mark (#), all you need to do is copy the code, then remove the hash mark.

Example html code: #00FF00

Examples of application in MLBB: [00FF00]

The color code above is for Green!.

For writing itself is very simple, for example:

[00FF00] Mobile Legends (then “Mobile Legends” will appear in green.

How to Make Bold, Italic, Light, and Underline Tulisan

Not only can the color be changed, but the style for the letters themselves can also be changed; some of the code below can be used to create a writing style:

[b] bold bold effect

[i] Italic or italic

[u] Underline or underline

[c] contrast or explain writing

For the implementation itself:

[b]Mobile Legends (then the result, the letters in the text will be thickened)

How to Combination of Colors and Text Effects

Well, of course, my friend is waiting for how to combine the two, let’s continue.

The method is very easy and simple, for example: [b][00FF00]Mobile Legends (as a result, the text will have a bold effect in green).

The following formats are often used, my friend just needs to copy and paste and edit a little:

1. [b][c][kode warna]fill with writing

2. [b][i][c][kode warna] fill with writing

3.[c][kode warna] fill with writing

So, those are some ways to change the color and writing effects in the Mobile Legends game.

The method above can not only be used for chat mode, but you can also use it to create a nick name.

Please try and happy pushing rank, hopefully mytic glory quickly :).

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