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Easy Ways to Change MLBB Tiktok Loading Screen | All HP Brands

tutorial to change the mlbb loading screen
A simple way to change the MLBB loading screen

Changing the loading screen of Mobile Legends Bang Bang – The Moonton MLBB server is always flooded with loyal 5 vs 5 moba players, almost every week this online moba game always presents their latest updates.

Disclaimer : This method has been tried several times on various Android smartphone devices, including; Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Asus, Realme, and other brands, and the results are 100% successful!.

Starting from heroes, maps, and various game features, it doesn’t go unnoticed and the latest updates. You must be aware that every time you open this game, you will be shown daily reward and quest updates.

Daily rewards and quests may be commonplace, not something new in various online games. There is one thing that is a little different from Mobile Legends when compared to other online games, now every player can freely customize the loading screen.

The loading screen is the earliest display when entering the MLBB dashboard, previously this display will change after the hero update or session update.

It was popular on Tiktok Video how to change the loading screen, now this time I will share how to change the MLBB loading screen without an application;

Preparation to Change MLBB TikTok Loading Screen Without Application

Before entering the implementation step, there are things that must be prepared, namely;

  • MLBB Loading Screen Code or Script

How to get script loading?

There are 2 ways to get the loading screen script code;

  1. Manual Customization: This manual method can be customized as desired using special apps such as Apex Intro Maker. After the intro is finished, please rename the file to splash.mp4
  2. Download from Script provider: the second method is quite practical, because we just need to apply the download results

Easy Ways to Change the MLBB Loading Screen on all Android Phone Brands

All materials are ready, continue the application;

  • Copy the splash.mp4 file manually customized or extract and copy the downloaded script file
  • Go to File Manager
  • folder emulated/0 > Android > Android > Data > > Assets > Audio > Android.
  • or in a folder android – data – Mobile Legends-Files-dragon2022-Assets-Audio-Android
  • If you find it, just replace the file
  • Done

Vital Records : The splash.mp4 file is free of any video provided that the resolution is adjusted. The destination folder can be different depending on the smartphone brand, but in general there are two storage folder destinations.

When Failed!

If there is a failure, please check and update Mobile Legends to the latest version. If it still fails, repeat from the beginning the method above, make sure the application is correct.

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