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EASY Ways to Create Text Boxes in Blogger and WordPress Posts

Making blog posts in the form of everyday language writing will of course be very easy for visitors to understand, but what is certain is that not all articles always contain letters or words, some writers have embedded programming code for the sake of the topic being raised.

For example, themes related to programming languages ​​html, css and so on. Usually the theme is not far from the discussion about tutorials, whether it’s making applications, blogs and others.

In order to make articles look neater and easier to understand, human language and programs should be distinguished in certain ways, for example, distinguishing between the two writing colors, or inserting the script into a text box.

Even though there are many friends out there who share posts about script boxes, everyone has their own creations and tastes, plus, if you choose the wrong one, this will result in the appearance of the blog post being less attractive to visitors.

Long before getting to know the script box, tutorial posts related to inserting html and css in the blog section were always posted just like that, and when viewed as a whole with an explanation the impression seemed irregular, so the point was not neat, which language, where is the script code, just not pleasing to the eye , let alone read, like your relationship with him “complicated” the term.

You will also definitely be uncomfortable when you see articles with irregular contents, right? If any of you have visited here with the reason that you want to find a script box for the purposes of making posts on blogspot or WordPress, you can use the following script boxes for that.

For its own advantages, of course it’s free, my friend doesn’t need to pay a penny, just choose according to your needs. But before that, let’s find out how it is implemented; here I will give a special example for users of the blogger platform, while wordpress just adjusts.

How to use box script on blogger blogspot and WordPress

1. First of all, please go to the blog where you want to install the script box, after that

2. Go to post then switch to html view

tutorial how to add html box on blog

3. You will be shown a collection of html code there, then look for the section where you will apply the box in the post

4. If you already know where you want to insert the script box, just click and then paste.

5. edit and add the script you want to display in the box. done.

Now that we know how to install the script box on the blog, and then you just need to choose a variation of the script box below that is suitable for inserting into a blog post, then copy the code and paste it into the article.

But before that, maybe some of my friends have asked;

How to Edit background color and Border ?

It’s easy, for a regular display without scrolling, my friend just needs to look for the code “background-color: # here, fill in the html color code”, if you are confused or don’t know a certain color code, you just need to type into the search with the keyword “html color code”, find and copy the code, then paste it in the section after the hash/hashtag.

For the color of the border, just look for the “border” section, usually there is a color code there with the hashtag prefix (#).

How do I change the appearance of the Border?

In the code, you will be shown various kinds of code there, specifically for the border line display model, “solid” for thick lines, ‘Double;padding ” for 2 lines, “padding” for single lines, “Dotted;padding” dots , “dashed;padding” is a dotted line only.

As for the scroll model, there is always “overflow;auto:padding” code.

How do I edit the width and length of the script box?

Regarding the size, the area in the text box in the blog post, there is a “px” description on the length or width, for example 5px or 10 px. If you are confused about the width and length, just look at the largest number for length and the smallest number for width or you can try it first.

Hopefully my friend can understand the meaning of the explanation above, if it feels okay and sip, let’s continue to choose the script box display:

1. First Script box model

The background color is dark gray with the code #808080, while the border is dark red #FF0000


2. Second Text Box Display

For the size and color, my friend can easily edit the parts, as explained above.


3. Form the display of the three html boxes

For the html box which is part three, you can scroll down or up depending on the number of sentences in it. The size of the border does not follow the number of sentences, to see the whole sentence is to scroll.


4. Text Box Display four

Actually not much different from number 2, it’s just that the color and size are slightly different.


5. Model 5th View

This border consists of dots that form a box where you insert text, it can also be used to store html code.


So, those are some script boxes that can be used when you want to insert certain codes or symbols in posts on blogs.

How to make Enter in HTML mode?

There must be someone who is confused about the Enter problem after adding the text box, “Wow, how come I can’t enter below, this is what I experienced when I first created the script box.

How to make enter down easy, just add this

in html compose mode.

3 Types of Color Codes That Are Commonly Used

One more thing, if my friend asks “Why is there a code “rgb(27, 26,118) “, now this is one of the codes for color, the same as #c2c2c2.

There are 3 types of color codes for html: some start with #, rgb, or for example just write “blue” , ​​”red”, or something else.

Hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for a tutorial on how to add an html text box on blogspot and wordpress.

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