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Easy Ways to Edit Html Codes on Android Smartphones Using QUICKEDIT

android phone quick edit tutorial
Quick edit android

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to edit html on an Android phone, it just so happens that our topic this time is devoted to discussing this problem, follow along!

Actually there are several ways that we can do to help the process of editing html on Android, it’s just that, because the title above has specifically mentioned the name of the application, therefore, let’s find out more about how to use the QuickEdit application, we will start with a question. ;

What is QuickEdit?

QuickEdit is a software that operates within the Android system, allowing each user to easily create, compile or edit html code via smart phone devices.

QuickEdit’s Strengths and Disadvantages

First of all, we will find out what are the advantages of this one application. Regarding the basic function, of course the developer has embedded it with full features with the aim that anyone who uses QuickEdit as a tool to process html code, can easily and quickly perform their tasks when editing and designing a project. For example, the presence of a search feature makes it easier for us to find certain codes and many others.

For its own drawbacks, for those of you who are not used to working on projects with HTML language on an Android phone, of course it will be different if it is done through a PC device, it feels very difficult, it takes time for you to make adjustments.

According to personal experience, using an Android smartphone is a bit more complicated than using a PC. Especially when it’s the first time, the time it takes is quite long, for example when blocking a line of html code, and placing the cursor in one of the html codes.

Simple Interface Tampilan

Because its function is only focused on doing tasks around html, of course the features are not too complicated, so you could say there are 3 basic functions; the first opens the html data, the second edits it, the third saves the file.

As is the case when we use special applications such as word, excel and so on, their functions are the same. But it’s clear, because the use has been determined, the display of the html code will definitely be neater, structured, the results will be different if we open the html file via word or notepad.

The following will be shared How to Use QuickEdit ?

We have arrived at “how to use QuickEdit”, this android application is very often used by bloggers to edit or create templates. But not a few also use it for other things such as making certain programs.

How to edit HTML code in quickedit is very easy;

1. Make sure QUICKEDIT is installed on your smartphone

2. Prepare the HTML file you want to edit

3. Next is to just open the file using Quickedit

Because the display is very simple, editing it is like an html editing application in general.

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