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Easy Ways to Import & Create Lightroom Presets on Android Phones

photo editing in lightroom
Import presets lr

The posing activity feels incomplete without adequate editing software. Everyone wants their shots to look aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the eye, especially as part of an album collection.

Almost all photo editors that are shaded by adobe always offer a collection of cool presets for their users, not only that, we can freely create presets at will, which can later be applied to other edited photos.

The presence of presets is very helpful for smoothness and users do not need to manually edit reports again, of course manual techniques will take a long time, setting here and there, with just one click, the image will appear with an attractive appearance, the results are clearly different from before applying the preset. .

Lightroom is one of the Adobe applications or products that is quite popular among Android cellphone users, especially millennials who always want to appear in front of the camera with cool photos. How to use it is also fairly easy, through several menu features and submenus, you can instantly produce a variety of cool and colorful photo displays with an aesthetic style.

Previously, we have discussed a collection of lightroom formulas, maybe some of my friends are interested in trying it, please without coercion and prohibition, you are free to choose according to taste.

Next, regarding Lightroom and its presets, on this occasion in this post, the discussion will focus on “how to import and create or add presets to Adobe Lightroom on an Android phone”. If you guys think this is difficult, unfortunately that assumption is a bit wrong, it might be very difficult if you haven’t tried it at all.

But don’t worry, the tutorial below will be presented more clearly and concisely, so whoever you are, it’s easy to understand the flow. Then just get to the point of this post;

Easy way to Import Lightroom presets on Android Smartphone

There are lots of Adobe Lightroom presets scattered out there, you just need to download the file and then save the file to your cellphone, it’s up to you where you want to store it, as long as it’s easy to find when the import process is done later.

Preset files are most often packaged in the form of ‘winrar’, so therefore, the first thing to do is download and extract the file to your smartphone’s memory.

1. Open the Lightroom Application, after entering the initial view of ‘library’

2. Select the “plus photo sign” with a blue background next to the camera icon

how to make lightroom presets

3. No need to be confused, select ‘device folder’. There is a collection of photos including presets that you extracted in DNG format.

4. Next is to choose one of the photo presets until it appears in the editing view,

Android phone lightroom tutorial

5. select the three-dot symbol at the top right, look for the option “create preset”, set a name, tick all categories, once it feels right, click the tick in the upper right corner, done.

How to Import Lightroom Presets on an Android phone is not difficult, you only need to do a few steps above, plus the simple appearance of this application will certainly not be confusing. Follow the flow, if it fails, please repeat it so that no steps are left behind.

After all the above processes are complete, now you can use them to be applied to other photos, and of course you can use them to your heart’s content.

How to Create Presets?

Not much different from the steps above, if you have finished editing photos, all settings have been arranged in such a way, from light to effects, now it’s time to continue point no 4.

So far, we have arrived at the end of the discussion, we hope that the tutorial and the information presented above can be useful for you users of Adobe LR software specifically for Android.

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