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Easy Ways to Import Trust Wallet Accounts To Metamask On Android Phones

how to connect trust wallet metask
Conncet trust wallet to metask

The need for digital transactions requires us to have what is called a digital wallet, in the form of a virtual account that has the ability to accommodate and convert digital currency values ​​into conventional currencies. Its function is the same as physical wallets in general, namely as a place to store money, but its ability to carry out crypto transactions makes digital wallets mandatory for those who are hunting for blockchain assets.

Trust wallet and Metamask are digital wallets that are very familiar with being used to store crypto assets, even some blockchain market services recommend both to their members. For example, a Non-Fungible token sale and purchase service that requires users to connect from the NFT market service to a Trust wallet or Metamask.

Purchase items from NFT games and swap Exchange etherium can also be done through Trust wallet and Metamask. In general, Metamask utilizes the etherium blockchain network for every transaction, considering that Etherium transactions require very high fees, we can also swap the blockchain network to other types such as BCS.

The use of the two crypto wallets is quite easy, plus there are import and sync features that allow users to make blockchain transactions quickly between crypto wallets.

Import and Sync from Trust Wallet to Metamask

This importing and synchronizing activity is usually carried out in conditions where we want to move the trust wallet account to Metamask. There are several things that must be prepared in advance, including;

  • Setting up a Recovery Pharse Trust Wallet
  1. Go to settings / Settings
  2. Go to options Wallets
  3. Next to Show Recovery Pharsse
  4. Do not forget to tick I Understand The Risk
  5. Choose Continue to continue
  6. Copy recovery phrase to notepad

Now that the Recovery phase is ready, the next step is import to Metamask;

  1. Enter the Metamask app (logout all accounts if you have created an account before)
  2. Make sure Metamask is in the earliest view like the first time you created an account
  3. Wallet Setupthere are 3 choices please select “Import Using Recovery Phrase”
  4. paste the phrase from trust wallet into Metamask on column “recovery phrases”
  5. Set password confirm password
  6. Lastly, please select “Import”wait for the process and done

To make sure that this process is really successful, try checking the public address, if it is the same, you can be sure that the import process for this account was successful.

We can also sync from Metamask to Trust Wallet. other than that, to be able to add other networks, you can go through the RPC costume manually.


The term import of digital wallet accounts is also known as synchronous, connecting, connecting accounts between one wallet in one service and another. This allows users not to bother with balance transfers which will incur transaction fees.

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