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EASY Ways to Install VGA Drivers on Laptops & PCs | Windows XP|7 |10

how to install vga on windows 10

How to install the VGA Driver on Windows 10 laptops and PCs?

The question above is one of the reasons my friend is here, isn’t it?, if that’s the case, okay, let’s discuss it to the end.

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Please note, this is actually a small note as a reminder, and has been used several times personally when reinstalling Windows 10 laptop devices. So far it has been going smoothly, without any obstacles or problems, but after seeing this keyword many internet users are looking for, finally I am moved to share an old draft that may be a little outdated. But that’s okay, the important thing is that it’s still fit for consumption.

Why should VGA be installed?, the most important part of a windows device is a collection of drivers, the presence of these features and components helps the performance of our pc or laptop to be maximized, otherwise there will be some problems if it is not done.

That’s why you are required to reinstall these drivers, and one of them is the Video Graphic Adapter driver or VGA for short. This one driver serves to optimize the resolution of the image. With the presence of VGA, the visual graphics rendering process will be faster and you can be sure that your PC will not have problems when this process takes place.

Getting the VGA Driver File

Before the installation is done, of course we need the installer of the software, so if you are still confused about where to get the driver file, so far there are only 2 ways; the first is through the disc or cassette that was given when we first bought the device or the second by downloading the file through the official website.

How to Install VGA Windows 10

The method below can later be used to install the VGA driver on PCs and laptops of any brand, for example Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and others. So basically it works for all Windows-based devices

Plot : Control panel > Device Manager > Display Adapter > VGA that you want to update > update driver > select the file location > check Include subfolder > Next > Process in progress > Done

Explanation :

1. Please first enter the control panel, either through search or

2. go to “This Pc” then do a right click, then several other options will appear> Look for the Properties option> control panel

3. Continue looking for “Device Manager”, after you enter there, you will see a collection of other drivers

how to install vga driver on laptop
Control panel > Device Manager

4. The next task is to look for the Display Adapter, click the down arrow on the left side, now at this stage, my friend will be shown the default VGA PC or laptop. Right-click on the VGA driver, then select Update driver.

5. Soba is presented with a search box, what to do?, look for the place where you save the driver file

6. After the driver file is found, check the “include subfolder” box at the bottom of the search or under the driver file name. And click the Next button

7. What’s next?, wait for the installation process to complete, and it will be done automatically by the system.

Actually, the above method can not only be applied to devices based on Windows 10, in general this method can also be done on existing versions of the Windows operating system, for example Windows XP and Windows 7.

It’s very easy, if there is a failure during the process, this might happen because you don’t use the default disk. some of these things happen very often including; VGA Software version is not compatible with the device, or the file is corrupted.

Just a tip : In order for the files used to avoid errors and so on, make sure when you get them from the outside they must be sealed, whether it’s WinRAR and other forms of encryption packages.

Well maybe that’s all that can be conveyed in this article which discusses how to install VGA on laptops and PCs, if this is worth it and works on your device, please comment below, thank you.

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