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Easy Ways to Know Wifi Password on Android Without Apps & Without Root

View wifi password on android

Currently there are thousands and even millions of smartphone users, even in real time these users need an internet network to be able to use Android devices as they should, because we know, without supporting applications, Android phones will be nothing.

Because of that, Android smartphones must remain connected to the internet, so that various online-based applications can work properly, such as social media applications, video streaming, and so on.

In addition to data package services, Wifi is one of the networks that can connect Android phones to the internet network. But to be able to access it, there is a security feature in the form of a password that we must first enter.

In the condition that the cellphone is connected to wifi, but forgets the password, there are several ways to share wifi with other friends and find out the wifi password through a smartphone, Well; here will be shared ; how to see connected wifi password on android.

Here’s an easy way to find out the wifi password on an Android phone without an application

Without the application here, it only applies when sharing a wifi network from a friend’s cellphone, when the condition of the android phone is connected, but forgets the password. The trick is to use a barcode scan or QR scanner which is a default application, and almost all androids have been equipped with a barcode scanner, either; oppo, xiaomi, realme, samsung and so on. Easy Ways to View QR Codes / Wifi Barcodes on Vivo Cellphones | No Root

The method :

notes : Because here there is sharing between devices, so there will be devices A and B, device A has not been connected to wifi, while B has been connected and will be shared with A

  1. Search and use Barcode “Scanner” or QR Scan which is already available on android (A)
  2. Go to Settings > Wifi (B . device)
  3. Tap the Name of the previously connected Wifi (B)
  4. Then on the device B a barcode will appear, next
  5. Perform Scan (A)

Example Using a Xiaomi device:

Barcode / QR scanner on xiaomi cellphone

Device A will automatically connect to the Wifi network.

wifi barcodes

Easy Ways to Know Wifi Password On Android Without Root

If you want to see the numbers and the writing of the password, of course you need an additional application. The function is the same as scanning, what makes it different, there are other features that are not in the default barcode scan on Android phones, the name of the application is QR Code Scanner, it’s on playstore.

How to use it is very simple and won’t confuse the user, and it’s free, for anyone who wants to; see the wifi password on the cellphone itself, or, the connected wifi.

  1. Find apps QR Code Scanner in playstore and install on device
  2. Once installed, open the application select Scan & Save
  3. Next, scan the wifi barcode on the android phone that was previously connected to wifi
  4. Wait for it to finish, a scanned barcode will appear as well as a password in written form.

So those are some; how to find out the wifi password on android without an application and how to see the connected wifi password on an android phone.

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