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Easy Ways to Make Fake Winrate Mobile Legend | Fake WR MLBB

How to make fake winrate
Tutorial fake winrate Mobile Legend ID

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Playing video games with friends is indeed a very exciting activity for some people, especially in a situation like this, just want to leave the house having to think repeatedly afraid of something, the choice to stay at home may make some of us feel bored, but this is not a big deal for those who like to play games, because there is no need to bother going out when you want to meet friends, hanging out in online games is more than enough to get entertainment while chatting with other friends.

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Like a friend, maybe you are often mabar at certain times in one of the popular Mobile legend games. From the past until now, this Moonton product has been quite popular among the wider community, especially in the Asian region, and the Indonesian population is one of them. Regardless of age, youth and adults mingle in one 5 vs 5 moba-based gameplay, and the two teams compete against each other to win the battle for rank rewards.

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Various types of players were there, some with ambitions to win, some targeting certain riwards, so maybe some of them weren’t very sportive when they were in a match. You know, it’s called competition, there are winners and losers, every player wants to be the best.

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Competition always has its own dynamics, the best players will always maintain their position no matter what, but as we know, fierce competition does not only occur in the arena, but also in many things, and one of them is the hero’s victory rating or in the field. known as win rate.

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Stimulating the presentation of the winrate on the hero for some people may be a measure of the team’s confidence in the ability of a player, the higher the winrate, the more that person can be trusted to win. However, this actually makes some mobile legend players take shortcuts to get full support for the heroes they want to play, namely by displaying fake winrates, and this has become popular among MLBB lovers since it was first introduced.

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Surely there are friends who are curious about how to do it?, it’s actually quite simple, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

Latest Fake Winrate Copy Paste MLBB Indonesia Tutorial

1. First, enter the rank or classic game mode, for example here I play rank

2. select start to start the match, then we will be taken to the hero selection process. Now, this is the right moment for us to show up fake winrates

3. Open the chat field, paste this code

“I want to use Fanny.[FFE485]Matches:1190 Win Rate:99.9% “

(hero, number of matches and winrate can be set as desired. Do not use quotes)

4. When ready, click OK to display the text.

5. Done.

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Regarding the code, don’t let your friend display the hero of choice, for example: using Aldous, Zilong, Beatrix and others, what appears instead is WR Roger, it’s not logical. Therefore, double-check first, make sure everything is correct.

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Usage Tips

You definitely don’t want this trick to be suspected by your teammates, share a little experience; 2 days ago before this tutorial was written, there was a funny incident that a friend did when he picked a hero in rank mode, the intention was to prank him, he admitted that it was the first time he tried the trick above, but unfortunately, he was immediately caught, one table was made to laugh, because it didn’t follow the rules. It looks like a trivial mistake, maybe it can work if you play with new players, but acute MLBB lovers already know the show win rate pattern, so it fails because the hero image should appear when WR appears, but carelessly, WR has been shown while the hero photo is not there. The right technique, first click the “expert” hero feature, after that, proceed to fake WR. Although these MLBB acutes master the details of the game, this technique has a fairly high percentage of success.


The method above does not only teach us to cheat, many players are also aware that numbers are not a benchmark for winning, but rather the ability to master the hero is what matters, take the positive side and discard the negative.

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