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Easy Ways to Make Google Maps Location Barcodes on PC and HP

how to make a location barcode on pc
create a google maps location barcode

In the previous post, there was a discussion about how to:

how to scan the location barcode on the invitation

Easy Ways to Make Wifi QR Codes on Android Phones

so that it is more complete, here we will share how to make a google maps barcode (qr code) on PC and cellphone.

Many of us must be very familiar with google maps, an application that provides map features equipped with GPS, you are lucky to know this application, because apart from being free, the full feature offer can make it easier for us to do many things, no need for examples, because must have known.

Many things are related to its function as a guide and location pointer, how many times do you use google maps in a day, just write the answer in the comments column!

Because google maps is so popular, those of us who want to go to an invitation no longer need to bother asking other people, just scan the qr code on the invitation card, the location will automatically be displayed on the smartphone via the google maps application.

The question is, has the invitation card been pasted with a location barcode or not? If not, you can use the method below to make it;

Easy Way to Create Location QR Code on PC

  • Open Browser and type “google maps” or you can go directly here: Google maps
  • Once opened, mark the location (a blue circle or arrow appears, current position)
  • Click the current position (blue circle symbol or arrow)
  • The “Location Sharing” option appears and so on, select the location sharing option
  • copy the location link
  • Once copied, continue to open a new browser tab, type in a search with the keyword “QR Code Generator“,
  • Please enter the site to generate the copied link to be converted to a Barcode/QR Code
  • Save the generated barcode
  • Done

Easy Ways to Make Google Maps Location Barcodes on HP

Not much different from the method above, here we only use the Google Maps application specifically for Android

location barcode tutorial on cellphone
  • Go to the google maps application
  • mark current location (realtime)
  • Copy location link
  • You can continue to open the barcode generator from the browser like the way on a PC or download special applications: QR Code Reader, Barcode Generator, and others, choose according to taste
  • Save the generated QR code
  • Done

Notes : If you are confused about how to save it, just use a simple method, namely in Screen Shot. That’s the first way too


From the two methods above, it’s easier to use an Android phone, but if you want to edit and paste the barcode on the invitation card, or maybe print it, the process from a PC will be easier, so you don’t need to use the file transfer program.

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