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Easy Ways to Make WITHER in Minecraft PE

how to make wither in minecraft android
Wither Minecraft Tutorials

Wither is one of the monsters or Mobs that is very difficult to fight if the space for movement is not limited, because of the brutal behavior of this Mob, your realms can be threatened to fall apart and be ruffled wither.

If you have already spawned in the wrong place, then there is no other way but to avoid this one beast.

It has a strange three-headed shape, if it is hit by a wither attack, the player can be sure to die with a critical HP condition.

Even though they are known to be fierce, not a few players want wither in order to get a special drop from this mob, namely the Nether Star, which can be used to craft Beacons.

The beacon itself is a box containing special items such as lights, which can be used to give a Blessing effect to Minecraft players, for example the effect of speed and durability of mining tools.

If you are new to the world of Minecraft and want to know how to summon a Wither, here’s an easy way to make a Wither in Minecraft PE:


1. Wither Skeleton Head

The Wither Skeleton Head is one of the rare items, to get it even requires a struggle to penetrate the Nether map, there is only one location where we can get this item, namely in the Nether Fortress

2. Sand Soul

Likewise Sand Soul or soul sand, this item is only available in the Nether, has a skull pattern with a sand texture.

Stages of Making Withers

1. Stack 2 sand soul blocks in a vertical position, add 1 sand soul block on the top left and right, so that they form the letter T

2. On top of 3 Sand Soul Blocks, place 3 Wither Skeleton heads there, see what happens.


To make it easy to eliminate, try to build a guardrail or in a narrow room, this aims to make the movement of the wither easy to control, we don’t have to bother jumping here and there when we want to eliminate the wither.

Usually players take advantage of a narrow room so that when they spawn, the head of the wither experiences a bug, so we just need to hit it until it drops the Nether star.


To make the process of getting Wither’s head easier, what needs to be prepared before going to the Nether Fortress is to prepare the strongest armor, at least use diamond armor, along with the weapon.

Because you don’t want your character to die easily, then you have to walk back to the Nether Fortress which is quite a distance away, not to mention the disturbance from aggressive Mobs.

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