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Easy Ways to Make Writing Running on Blogs | Header Section

Want to make moving text like the one above? Easy, just follow the tutorial!

Millions of Bloggers out there definitely want their blogs to look attractive and cool in the eyes of their visitors, various ways are also done to provide this view such as changing the blog theme, adding certain features, changing the menu logo and navigation on their website.

As one of the visitors to this blog did some time ago, exactly 2 days before this post was published. He came as a beginner in the world of blogging, looking for tips to beautify the appearance of the theme.

happened to visit here and saw the text moving in the header or rather above the title of this blog post, my friends can see it in the top position, the writing moves from right to left then repeats continuously.

Because he was interested in installing this feature on his personal blog, he finally decided to contact me via contact us, the question is like this: Bro, how do I make writing run on my blog?, at that time I responded by telling our friend “oh text marquee”.

The actual meaning of the word is a space or area that is functioned as part of an image, generally rectangular in shape and often used in the programming field.

However, in the digital world such as news media on television and blogging, this function is often used to create running text or commonly known as “HTML moving text”, which serves as a place to put short information or announcements.

Now that you know what a Marquee is and its functions, now how to apply or install this moving text on a blog, continue to follow this tutorial until it’s finished.

How to Add HTML Moving Text / Writing runs on the blog:

Actually, how to make moving writing is quite simple and easy to implement, my friend only needs to enter the HTML code below in the Layout section

This section is filled with the text that you will display, right?

how to copy the code, go to the blogger dashboard, look for the layout, if you have found it, go to that section, add the HTML widget in the header section, then paste the line of code in it.

Please replace the colored text with sentences or words according to your own wishes. Save the widget and you’re done.

Not much different, the code is still the same, the only difference here is the platform.

  • How to Change the Background Color

If you want to change the background color, the easy way is to just delete the color code shown by the arrow, then insert a new one, depending on personal taste.

When finished, please save again, and see the changes by visiting the blog page.

  • Restore Text (Bold)

You are not satisfied with the appearance because the writing in it is difficult to read from a certain distance, now you want to add a bold effect or bold text, you can do it in 2 ways; the first to insert the HTML Code or You can see its implementation in the image below:

  • Make Text Italic (Italic)

When you add Marquee and blog text, it turns out that you think you want to make a more unique look with other creations. The next recommendation is to apply italic style to the sentence section that was previously added, it’s quite simple, add code or see the example below:

Color html code

For further creation, you can do your own exploration of the topic of making writing or moving text on a blog, while this is only a basic tutorial on how to install moving text on a blog. If anyone wants to provide additional ideas and innovations, there’s nothing wrong with leaving a comment, we share knowledge about blogging here. More or less, there are no other words that can describe gratitude and a form of appreciation, other than saying a big thank you to all of you.

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