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Easy Ways to Make Youtube Video Thumbnails on Picsart | Android Phone

youtube thumbnail tutorial on picsart
Tutorial How to Make Thumbnails

So a content creator is indeed required to be creative, especially for those who make videos every day to be uploaded to the YouTube platform. Various optimization methods are carried out to bring in a lot of viewers, although it is not easy, but that is the challenge that these content creators have to face, especially those who consider themselves YouTubers.

Even though the topic and content have been maximized, everyone has their own opinion, there are certain factors that make them interested in watching videos that have been edited and produced before.

According to many youtube SEO experts; Thumbnails are an important factor that must be considered in their use, not a few viewers are interested in watching videos because they see an attractive thumbnail display, that means an attractive thumbnail can invite many viewers.

In this case, Picsart can also be used for you to create interesting thumbnails, and the results are no less when compared to similar software and applications both on Android smartphones and on PC devices. The editing process is also fairly easy, you only need a few steps until you actually get the thumbnail results you want, but before that, let’s look at the advantages if you create thumbnails on Picsart.

Why is that?, the answer lies in the full features that can be applied automatically, besides that the choice of features is also very large so you are free to explore and work according to your wishes and needs, for example, making thumbnails for example. There have been provided various writing styles, filters, stickers, and other effects are also present to complete your editing needs.

Not without reason, when the cutting process takes place there are various formats that you can choose from. If you want to post to social media, you only need to choose the standard size of the social media, there are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and so on. And it’s already a complex package with size adjustments from photos. And the last one is the idea

  • There Are Many Ideas For Tumbnails

This is no less interesting, if you are confused about what to write and how to look good and attractive, the solution is quite easy, namely by viewing special YouTube video thumbnail photos through categories that you can explore from photo tags. Just type an example of a video thumbnail, a variety of models will appear, one of which can be used as inspiration.

After knowing the advantages, let’s move on to how to make the thumbnail:

How to Make a YouTube Cover or Cover on Picsart

1. Before writing the text in the photo section, the size must be adjusted first, so that the placement of your writing will match the space in the photo

2. How to cut according to the standard: select the “Tools” menu, click “cut”, there are many formats and the next task is to find the cut results according to the youtube cover or thumbnail

3. In this third stage, then you are free to add any writing and stickers to make it look more attractive, if you are finished please save the cover, save it in an easy-to-find folder.

This method is indeed very easy for friends who are looking for solutions according to the topic above, apart from the fact that the process is not too much, the duration of manufacture is also fairly fast. Yes, it’s just that everyone has their own art and taste in their work, therefore if you claim to be an idealist, then you understand that it takes quite a long time and duration to create a work. Because for you details are more important, it is the main goal to make it look perfect, more symmetrical from any point of view. This is also what my friend applies when making a YouTube cover.

Editing the YouTube cover on Picsart, in my opinion, is really recommended, if you have to use an Android smartphone during the editing process and if the situation is close to the deadline. Because in the past I was like you, making videos and then uploading them on the platform, but unfortunately that’s how everyone has their own destiny and fortune. Hopefully useful, warm regards.

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