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Easy Ways to View QR Codes / Wifi Barcodes on VIVO HP | No Root

How to see the Vivo cellphone wifi barcode
Vivo cellphone wifi QR code

Until now, the need for information has made gadgets increasingly in demand in the market, various brands of cellphones offer their own special features, but behind the differences, there are internet services that are indispensable in order to support the performance of Android smartphones as they should.

Because without the internet, an Android phone will be like a vehicle without tires, the engine can start, but can’t go anywhere.

To get internet access, wifi is one of the network options so you can connect to internet services, as well as the Vivo HP which is discussed in this post. However, to access the wifi network, there is security that must be bypassed, namely entering the wifi password.

There are two ways to enter the wifi password on HP Vivo and other smartphones, namely the manual method and the automatic method. The manual method can be done by typing the password, while the automatic method is by using a QR code scan or wifi barcode.

Purpose of Viewing Wifi QR Codes on Vivo Cellphones

Most of the purpose of viewing wifi barcodes on Vivo cellphones is to want to share the network with other devices, whether it’s a friend’s device, close relatives, or maybe have more than one Android cellphone.

Now in this post, we will share how to easily see the QR code / wifi barcode on Vivo HP for all types.

Here’s an easy way to see a QR code / Wifi Barcode on a Vivo HP | No Root

One thing to note before looking at the wifi QR code on the Vivo cellphone, is to make sure the Vivo cellphone is connected to the wifi network first.

Step :

  1. Select and go to Arrangement
  2. Scroll and find options Network and Internet
  3. There are several more options, search and select Wifi
  4. A list and name of the Wifi connected to the Vivo HP will be shown, click on the connected wifi network
  5. For some types of Vivo smartphones, when clicked, the QR code will appear immediately, but if it doesn’t appear, please look for the Share option
  6. The QR code or wifi barcode has been displayed, next is do a scan or scan use the device you want to share the wifi network with.
  7. Usually after scanning, the device will automatically connect to wifi.
  8. Done

Anyway, you don’t need to type the password manually, if there is an easy way why do you have to do it the hard way. Well maybe this is all for posting Easy ways to see QR / Barcode codes on Vivo cellphones.

Notes : usually a scanning application or QR code scanner is already equipped on every android smartphone, generally it can be found in the ” Tool“.

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