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Enfield Poltergeist, The Haunted House Story Behind The Conjuring 2

Horror story the conjuring 2
Enfield hunting 1977 , Hodgson Family

In 1977, precisely in August at the Hodgson family’s residence located in Enfield, a family consisting of a single mother named Peggy with her four children began to experience various strange events, objects in their house moved by themselves as if something was moving them.

Not only that, loud knocks also occurred several times, but over time, the Hodgson family realized that it was not the work of humans or humans, and at the same time they believed that the house they lived in was haunted by an invisible entity.

From then on, the story of the Enfiled haunted house became popular among many people, and several media were summoned to do documentation and conduct direct interviews with the Hodgson family, the exorcism activity did not escape the news at that time, Ed and Lorraine along with the team attended the investigation process. to the Hodgsons’ house.

It is known that this incident occurred 6 years after the terror that befell the Perron family on Rodhe Island.

Enfield Haunted House

This story begins in 1977 when Jannet, who was 11 at the time, with her 12-year-old sister Margaret, experienced a strange incident in her room, both of whom saw the dressing table moving by itself.

But after the two told Peggy’s mother, her mother ignored and didn’t believe the report, until Peggy saw with her own eyes when the dressing table moved and slid hard towards her daughter’s bedroom door, then stopped and blocked the door.

At first he was confused about what to do, because he was getting desperate with the situation, he finally made a call to the local police. In her report Peggy said things in her house moved on their own, a kind of poltergeist, but the police she called thought it was a joke.

After the report, 2 police officers were sent to investigate directly into the Hodgson family’s house, sure enough, the policemen also saw with their own eyes a chair moving down the hall.

Poltergeist incidents and phenomena became increasingly violent, for the next 18 months, this terror occurred almost every day, such as moving objects, children flying out of bed, and loud knocking occurred during those 18 months.

Several times the cleaning process was carried out by religious leaders, but after several cleanings, everything seemed in vain, there was no change at all.

Jannet again testified, while she was asleep, then woke up strangled by the curtains of her bedroom window.

Because this case has become a matter of word of mouth, a photographer from one of the Daily Mirror tabloids named Graham Morris was made curious, he then conducted an investigation directly into the Hodgson family’s house.

While conducting an interview with Peggy’s children, a strange phenomenon occurred, and he captured it through camera shots.

Morris enfield photo
Morris Doc

After the incident was successfully documented, the case became very popular, becoming a hot topic of discussion for the next few months.

This is what started the Hodgson family’s introduction to the NESPR paranormal organization group. Several investigators from the Paranormal Team were sent to perform summons and exorcism.

scary story the conjuring 2

During the spirit summoning session, Jannet, Peggy’s child, was used as a medium, and documentation equipment was inseparable from the session, such as a voice recorder and camera.

One of the spirits who managed to connect was named Bill Wilkins, the atmosphere at that time was very tense, Jannet’s voice immediately changed to that of an old man who claimed to have died in a bleeding position right in the living room of the Hodgson Family.

Not long after that, Bill Wilkins’ family also confirmed that the incident was true.

It was until 1978 when the last expulsion and cleansing was carried out by a priest. And the Hodgson family’s latest report says the disturbances have been less frequent, just occasional.

The last report from the new family who lived in the house, the disturbances were still there, they had experienced some strange events such as meeting the figure of an old man walking around the house.

In the Enfield Poltergeist case, Ed and Lorraine were not the lead investigators, they joined a few months after the initial investigation.

In the film, the audience is brought to see this story from Lorraine’s point of view, the presence of Valak makes the film The Conjuring 2 even more tense in the eyes of the audience, but fortunately Valak is only a Hollywood version, so Ed and Lorraine and other investigators don’t have to bother saving the Hodgson family in the real world.

If anyone is curious about the results of the recorded voice documentation when summoning spirits, you can search on YouTube, in the recording, you will hear the voice of Jannet and the voice of Bill Wilkins’ spirit. I swear it makes goosebumps.

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