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Ensiling Riam Enchantment, a Nature Tourism Destination for Sanggau Regency | Must Visit

West Kalimantan waterfall tour
Image of Riam Ensliling

Holidays are the best opportunity for us to gather with our loved ones. Pesona. It feels less if the moment is not used for us to go out, spend time looking for entertainment to heal tired and tired after doing busy for a week. Most people choose to go on a fun trip to enjoy the natural scenery of the beach while drinking a glass of young coconut water, but there are also those who choose to visit the hills, mingle with the sounds of wild animals or enjoy a waterfall bath.

But do you know that there is one popular tourist spot in West Kalimantan and is often used as a weekend holiday destination, especially for people around Sanggau Regency, they call it Riam Ensiling.

Riam Ensiling is known for its natural beauty, located in the valley of the Belungai hill in Lumut Village, Toba District, Sanggau Regency. While in the ensiling cascade, you will be presented with a stretch of steep black rock in a fast-flowing river, some parts form waterfalls, and other parts are like bathing pools. Because the ensiling cascade is in the middle of the forest, your presence will be welcomed by a large expanse of trees and the sound of birds can be heard faintly behind the rumbling sound of water coming from the ensiling cascade.

To get to Riam Ensiling, the travel time required is about 3 hours from Pontianak, 2 hours from Sanggau, and 15 minutes from Tayan. The location is also not far from the Trans Kalimantan road, but because of the difficult terrain for vehicles to travel, visitors must leave the vehicle and park it in the parking area that has been provided by the manager, namely the community around the Emabngai village, then walk for approximately 2-4 minutes to Riam Ensiling’s prime location.

The visitor entrance fee is also quite cheap, which is 10 thousand to 15 thousand rupiah, with this nominal, you can enjoy the beauty of nature without any time limit and that is also complete with parking fees. no need to worry about changing room facilities and defecation, because here there are public toilets that can be used at any time.

Due to the slippery rock conditions and the fast-flowing river in Riam ensiling Special for visitors who bring children to always be careful when walking and supervise them when doing activities here for mutual safety.

On holidays, this location will be crowded with visitors, both from within and from outside the area, there are even a few people who have met the author and claim that they come from the islands of Java and Sumatra, came all the way to meet their family and friends. decided to travel to Riam Ensiling.

We will also see people sitting on the rocks by the river, swimming and playing in the water filling every corner of Riam Ensiling, this is very familiar from the past until now, especially during holiday holidays such as Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, Chinese New Year and other big days .

Spending time soaking in cold water certainly makes us feel hungry quickly, let alone done for hours, at times like that there is no harm in visiting one of the local community fish ponds, you can enjoy a delicious meal of grilled fish while lesehan, this menu is more complete with the treat of a group of fish swimming in the pond and the view of the belungai hill is clearly visible from bottom to top plus the green rice fields around the pond.

This will be an unforgettable moment while on vacation with family, many visitors are addicted and want to come back after their first visit, really this place has extraordinary charm, it is a loss if you come to West Kalimantan without going to Riam Ensiling.

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