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Fake Winrate MLBB Copy Paste With Color Code | For All Heroes

fake winrate copy paste indonesia
Fake Wr MLBB Copy Paste

Fake Winrate Copy Paste With Color Code – Previously, it was also posted about the fake MLBB winrate, now for sharing this time, a full version will be made so that it is easy to copy and paste quickly into the chat when drafting a hero pick, added it will be accompanied by a color code.

You as a Mobile Legends moba game player must be familiar with fake winrates, usually used to prank teammates.

Pranking each other in MLBB has become a common thing, because it can provide jokes as well as entertainment for the team, as well as to find an atmosphere, especially not a few players who are serious by nature when playing. Now with the fake wr trick, usually their attention will be diverted, then jokes appear to tickle the stomach among fellow players.

This fake winrate copy paste with color code can be used immediately, without having to bother reloading, just minimize the game, then copy it, return to the game chat, paste and enter.

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The following is a list of Fake WR Format Copy Paste Color Code MLBB

You can choose the format according to your needs, from plain looks to color. All that needs to be done is to edit some small parts, such as maybe the name of the hero, the number of matches and the winrate.

I want to use Zilong.[FFE485]Matches:1000 Win Rate:99.0% (Please copy, adjust to the hero to be used, the winrate itself can be edited at will.

  • Fake Winrate Green Text Color

To change the color to green, please copy the following code [00FF00]I want to use Aldous.[FFE485]Matches:1198 Win Rate:99.7%

  • Fake Winrate MLBB Bright Color Writing

The bright color referred to here is like the light on the letters; [c][00FF00]I want to use Hayabusa.[FFE485]Matches:1200 Win Rate:99.6%

The three winrate writing formats above are very often used in games. Changing the color of the text is intended to make it look more attractive and unique. If you want to change to another color, just change it in the color code section.

Red : [FF0000]

Blue : [0000FF]

Yellow : [00FFFF]

In addition to the green color code, the three colors above are quite often used in games and can be used as a reference.

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No need to bother typing, the fake MLBB winrate format above just needs to be copied and then pasted during draft pick. Colors, heroes, and winrates can be adjusted according to individual needs and tastes.

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