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Feel the Color Can | Lightroom Pastel Formulas | Celebrity Cool Presets

lightroom formula for android phone

The bright blue sky plus green trees stand firmly in the park, making the scenery super cool, perfect for taking pictures, because it’s impossible to pose when it’s raining, although it’s possible, but sunny weather is the best especially when you want to take a certain moment for a collection gallery on android smartphone.

One more Lightroom formula that you should try so that your photos look attractive in front of the camera, what is it?; Lightroom Pastel formula, cool name, have you seen the results of this one filter?, or have you just heard the term Pastel.

The term actually refers to Pastel colors, some time ago, I also shared a cool preset that is almost similar, namely peach pastel and there are others that are similar but not the same, so that’s what I call it.

You are definitely here looking for cool presets and filters, to be honest, there’s no need to be ashamed, because this segment is specifically for those of you who are looking for pastel lightroom formula references. If judged personally, this preset is very good, especially if it is applied to the right photo, but on the contrary, it will look strange if the elements in the photo do not fit into certain criteria.

Regarding the pastel Lightroom formula criteria, what are they?; the first, the background must be bright, try not to get the back of the shot dark, because if it is dark, the result is that the use of this filter is not optimal.

Second, this is just a suggestion; make sure to take pictures with the background of trees, blue skies, beaches, rice fields, and maybe a view of the building during the day. So, you must be curious, why is that?, the answer is simple; This will later explain the pastel effect on your pose. That’s all, briefly the reason, but that’s how it should be, you can prove it for yourself and see what the difference is.

Can’t wait to know Pastel lightroom formulasplease check below:


Here the lighting is at a plus, contrast and shadow is at a minus, the reason is quite clear to get the shape and texture of the object in the photo.

Lighting : 0.22

contrast : -31

Highlights : 18

Shadow : -61

White Hue : -69

Black : 39


Because the object’s skin color is already very good and suitable, so there is no reason to increase the temperature value too high, keep it a small number. Vibrance and saturation values ​​are above 20 because in order to get color sharpness.

Temp : 2

Pattern : 4

Vibrance : 20

26 . saturation


Now here we will start producing pastel effects, playing with the texture and color intensity to make it look smooth and soft.

Red : -23, -10, -15

Orange : -10, -64 , -7

Yellow : -42 , 5, 16

Green : -98, 14, -35

Aqua : 7, -65, 0

Blue : -33, -14, -20

Purple : -31, -32,14

Pink : 41,-36, 18


what you must set here is the effect of fog and vinette, try both to be at a minus number. The value range itself is free.

Texture: 11

Clarity : 6

Fog Effect : -34

Vinette : -15

midpoint: 37

Feather : 60

Roundness : -33


Until the last setting, here what must be set lies in reducing noise and color.

Sharpen : 16

Radius : 0.80

Noise Reduction :33

Color Noise Reduction : 33

Fineness: 50

If your results are different from those above, don’t worry, just play with the values ​​on the mix and lighting. Because the key to this Lightroom Pastel formula lies in these two features.

And in the end, we have arrived at the end of this post, if you feel that something is a little wrong, please forgive me, more or less, thank you.

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