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FULL DICTIONARY : LIGHTROOM Effect Formula Tutorial | Cool Research Group

collection of how to edit photos

Are you looking for an Adobe Lightroom tutorial specifically for Android phones?, if so, then you are in the right place.

This photo editor application is quite popular among young millennials, apart from its attractive appearance, it turns out that the lightroom developer is still from the same developer. We know that Adobe has always been known for the popularity of their PC-based flagship products, be it video or photo editors, all of which occupy the first position as the best editing software.

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However, what we will discuss this time is the Android-based Adobe Lightroom software product along with the photo editing formula in it, so this will be a little different from the previous one.

The Lightroom formula has become very sought after by users of this application, the reason is that it is of course used as a reference for photo editing activities and activities, so that the resulting photos become even cooler, you can say so that they are celebrity-style.

In Lightroom you are free to be creative to get interesting results and image quality, besides that this app also offers complete features like most photo editing tools. When compared to the PC version, maybe the functions and capabilities of the Android version are not as reliable as on a computer, but it needs to be pressed, for Android phones or smartphones, Lightroom has become one of the leading applications for the editing process.

This lightroom formula tutorial will be discussed based on several subtitles, and these are all collections of their own edits, but have the best references, why do I say the best?, because the references come from experts in the field of PC-based photo effects formulas. Who is he?, I don’t think I need to mention the person’s name, because later my friend will know for himself. Instead of a lot of unclear babbling, let’s get straight to the point.

A Collection of Lightroom Effect Formula Tutorials on Android Phones

1. Selebgram’s Light room formula

photo editor app

Surely there are some of you who can’t wait to know how to edit celebrity-style photos in the LR application, even though it seems difficult and easy, but the results are worth it so that your photos will be bright and bright. So that’s what you guys are looking for. Don’t worry, this won’t disappoint you, because this program’s Lightroom formula actually depends on individual tastes.

Because you want to look like a celebrity in a photo, the first thing you have to pay attention to when editing is lighting, why is that?, because even though the value or number of effects applied is the same, the results are not necessarily the same. You also have to be more careful when playing this formula, because later there will be an effect on the final result of skin texture.

For the process, you can find it at ” Celebgram’s Light Room Formula

2. Edit Dark formula

dark lr formula

Dark edits are pretty much sought after by internet users, especially those who use this application. Basically, this technique is simple and easy to apply in many pictures or photos, even though it’s easy, without a guide it might feel complicated like when you enter an area of ​​100 mx 100 m, at first glance there is no problem, but if it turns out that the area is given a maze , it could just be all day it just managed to get out.

Likewise, editing dark photos in Lightroom, there is a path that must be followed, if done sequentially, of course the results are more optimal than random.

The lighting factor will also of course play an important role, because to get a dark effect, you have to lower the light intensity to the most appropriate point, it can’t be less or more. Why is that?, the reason is simple; if the total light intensity is 0, this will definitely have a bad impact, you can’t see anything on the photo canvas, there is only dark black. Conversely, if the number is 100, then your photo canvas will turn white.

A good dark formula tip is to adjust it to the light of the solar eclipse, trust me, this produces the coolest dark effect you will get. How are the techniques and how?, more complete is in the “Lightroom Dark Formula”

3. Natural Light Room Formula

If you were asked to describe nature, what would you imagine?; green trees, views of hills and mountains, rivers, rice fields, contours of valleys and elements of green color in them, answer honestly, right?.

Such is the purpose of the Nature-themed Lightroom edits, there is always a beauty value. But one thing to note, you have to be more careful when editing, because details are a serious concern here. The reason is quite obvious; You will play with different colors, and it’s not just green, but other colors, for example yellow, light and dark brown, blue, and so on.

So that my friend is not curious, just check the process “The Natural Light Room Formula”

4. Light Room Glowing Formula

Then there’s the Current Formula from LR, Hmm, who doesn’t want their face and skin to look glowing. The taste is quite difficult to describe the true meaning of glowing, some people call it sparkling. Although it looks simple, but not a few who want glowing skin while posing.

There is another assumption below is one of the current effects when we discuss the world of photo editing.

5. Lightroom Aesthetic Formula

What I want to emphasize from this Lightroom formula is the element of beauty as it means the word Aesthetics itself. It is difficult to describe the beautiful assessment according to each person, for example you see sunset on a beach, the first word to describe the scenery is beautiful. Why is it Aesthetic or beautiful, and your answer is not far from because of the afternoon sun, what? what if you are in the mountains?

Lovers of abstract images will find this type to be beautiful, but does it guarantee that those who don’t like abstract will say it’s Aesthetic. Everyone has a personal view on beauty issues, but don’t worry, you can use this Lightroom Aesthetic formula as a reference so you can describe the true beauty of your photos.

6. Vintage Lightroom Formulas

vintage lightroom complete tutorial

This term is very famous in the editing world, you don’t have to bother looking for knowledge. There are millions of people out there who know how to apply this edit model.

In general you can call it something classic, yup classic, that’s why there are so many classic photo lovers, this has become an open secret both among professionals and those of us who are currently trying to figure out how the process is done.

Relax, here is a Vintage Lightroom Tutorial available, so you don’t have to bother groping around in this adobe application.

7. Lightroom Peach Pastel & Pink formula

The Lr peach pastel and pink formula are quite famous, the proof is that there are many users looking for how to edit peach on the internet. when compared to the others, these two formulas are also not inferior, have a dominant color appearance of orange and pink making it very suitable for those of you who are looking for bright and cool lightroom presets. Highly recommended, you must try:

8. Blue Sky Lightroom Formula

In addition to views of rice fields, mountains, hills and beaches, there are other panoramas that we generally often find in the background of the photo, whether it be, yup blue sky or blue sky. The photos are enough to make you satisfied, the beauty of the blue sky can spoil our eyes. That’s why this tutorial was created: Bright Blue Sky Lightroom Formula

9. Lightroom Aqua & Orange formula

Soft, that’s how this preset is described, consists of 2 dominant colors, making it seem like a different world, the intersection line between aqua and orange becomes cooler, like a rainbow when it rains. But the story will be different if an imbalance occurs, so basically the two colors must have a balanced value, for that please check the process directly:

10. Lightroom Blue Aqua formula

The beauty of the beach always saves millions of its own beautiful moments, the wind and the sound of the waves make anyone feel at home for long even in the hot sun. Taking pictures is one of the most fitting moments when on vacation in this place, there is nothing more memorable when you capture every movement and style of your cool pose. Your photos will be more interesting if you use a filter, the Lightroom Blue Aqua preset, so give it a try.

11. Lightroom Pastel Formulas

This one is really recommended for those of you who are taking pictures or posing fun in the park with a collection of trees and flowers. I really like the combination of color tones in it, soft and smooth, those two words are the right ones for this LR preset. No need to be shy, please try; Lightroom Pastel Presets

So, those are some Lightroom formulas for photo editor applications on Android, you can use them to make your photos look even better, wherever you are and when you are, it doesn’t matter whether you’re relaxing with friends, colleagues, Adobe LR can accompany you any time, and that’s it. feels even easier, when these manual researchers are applied during the editing process and activity. Finally, congratulations on the celebrity-style style, hopefully it can provide eye entertainment in the form of beauty for other netizens. Thank you.

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