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Full Story of Hero Phylax Edith Mobile Legends | MLBB

phylax hero story mlbb
story of heroes Phylax and Edith

Previously in Mobile Legends, there were several cross-breeding heroes, including the semi-tank Hilda, who has thick blood with fighter-equivalent damage, then there is a support tank, there is Mathilda, and there are several other heroes.

Crossing support and tanks, fighter with tank, seems to be very common, but what happens if the role crosses between Tanks and Marksman. It seems strange to the ears, but this is what happened to the hero Phylax, Unique isn’t it, but this really happened.

Phylax is the first semi-MM Tank hero in Mobile Legends, even though the damage produced is not as big as that produced by Marksman, for fellow tanks, maybe Phylax is one of the sickest tank heroes when compared to other tanks.

How can this hero get this ability, let’s look at the story;

The following is the story of Hero Phylax Edith in Mobile Legends

Once upon a time, there was a story about a girl named Edith with ancient magical abilities with the legendary green lightning element Primal Lighting. This magic is known to be very strong, Primal Lighting is so strong that it can move inanimate objects, as if the object being moved has a soul.

Long before that, when a new world was created, the Ancient Ones built a Celestial Palace on an underwater volcanic island; named Xangtum Island.

A very mysterious island, shrouded in thick fog covering every part of this island, as if it had never been touched by humans, many sailing ships that passed around this island ended up sinking because they hit the reef.

Because its location is very difficult to touch, the island of Xnagtum Island is a place of relics of ancient technology belonging to the Ancient One.

Before the events of Endless War broke out, the Ancient Ones tried to help control the people located in the Land of Dawn.

The two knights ; Kaja, a half-bird with lightning in his hands, and Uranus, the guardian of the Calestial Palace, were sent to reseal the demon gods to Xangtum Island in the Temple of Thunder.

hero edith and phylax story
hero edith mlbb story

In this mission, the Mecha knight Phylax who has served the Ancinet One for a long time also oversees the great mission. It is a giant robot driven by the ancient magic Primal Lighting.

The owner of this ancient magic is a girl named Edith who is the only one on the island, who is also dubbed the Primal Warden, an immortal human created by the Ancient One.

Endless war finally broke out, the Ancient Ones decided to run away using the Twilight Orb, Edith with Mechanya, Kaja with Lightning and Uranus now faced off against the demon gods.

The three of them won the battle, but in a condition where Edith was unconscious for years until she was finally found by an old fisherman behind the ruins of the temple.

Edith was taken to a village not far from the island. when he woke up he couldn’t remember anything but his own name.

Many years living with an old fisherman, one day Uranus suddenly comes to Edith and reminds her of her initial task when she was created.

So far, we actually already know the ending of the story of Phylax Edith in Mobile Legends, Edith returned to the island to continue her duties as mandated by the Ancient Ones.


From the story of Phylax and Edith, more or less has given an idea of ​​​​the hero who has the power of lightning in MLBB is always associated with Primal Lighting. For example Kaja and Eudora.

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