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Myth or Fact?

Hm, discussion, yes, while updating posts that are already dusty. This is an updated 2022 post :D. relax sitting sweet while brewing this delicious warm. Especially if there’s him!, who gets hotter,

From the title, you must have understood that this was just a short discussion, yes, it’s also a light-hearted discussion, the important thing is to take the positives, throw away the negatives. Read to the end so you don’t fail to understand!

If you say it’s a joke, you don’t say it’s serious, you won’t say it’s serious, then if it’s too serious it will say “very serious” or the title is not refreshing, no, maybe someone thinks this, that and such, don’t worry, just go straight , if anyone still feels insecure, yo wes, please go to the side first.

Because this post is for those who want to know myths and facts, according to each one, which means the opinion above can be yes, it may or may not depend on the individual, right or not bro 😀

Come on, let’s start talking, okay, don’t get excited, but I’m sure if the one reading this is a player who doesn’t get along easily, he’ll understand and just be polite about it, right?

Come on, give your opinion in the column below, the statement above is a myth or fact. There are a lot of people who study and discuss this, my friend can browse, scroll scroll.

But in my personal opinion, this is a myth, bro, because this kind of activity can be called a hobby like other hobbies in general, such as football, tennis, music, etc., it can also be used as entertainment, not wanting to justify negative things, bro. underlined, if it depends again, yes it depends on the individual, agree, right?.

It’s just like this, it’s not too important, just for discussion, agree or disagree, just write it down below. Maybe there are friends who have other opinions, please cross out,

One more thing, don’t get out of context as much as possible, bro, just try to be straight.

Finally, I hope this useless post can be useful, thanks.

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