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Get to know Canva, a multi-functional design application for Android phones

Canva app tutorials

We always encounter various kinds of digital content of various types every day, especially visual content which is currently being favored by many people, we can easily find it with only an Android cellphone and internet access.

The forms presented are also varied, whether it be in the form of pictures, educational videos, and so on.

Content that is interesting to see is usually inseparable from the design process, by adding various elements, it can be in the form of text, colors and the addition of small details so as to produce visuals that are interesting to look at.

What is Canva?

Canva is one of the design apps on Android, and it’s a multifunctional app because it offers a lot of features with different functions.

The fact is Canva is not something new, long before it was available on Android, Canva already existed in web form. First released in 2012.

What can we do in Canva?

  • Making Instagram and Facebook Posts

As we know, since its initial release, Instagram has become one of the social media that displays images as its main content. Users are free to create photo galleries, share daily activities in the form of stories, and can even be used to offer selling products as well as Facebook.

To make this photo post even more interesting, Canva has also provided a special design feature for Instagram and Facebook posts.

This menu feature has a function as the name suggests, users can edit videos without having to bother manually, because through this option, templates for video designs are available, users just need to adjust what kind of video they want to display.

Users are also free to design wallpapers for use on smartphones, or posters to advertise, with templates that are already available.

So far, power point is the choice when you want to make slides for presentation materials. At certain times, Canva is also reliable, because the process is very easy and simple, but the results are still interesting.

And many more features with their respective functions such as:

  • Creating a Resume
  • photo collage
  • .Certificate
  • Banners
  • Name card
  • Book cover
  • Brochure
  • Logos and Stickers
  • Invitation
  • Photo Collage
  • Dish Menu
  • Thumbnails
  • Magazine Cover
  • Proposal
  • Website design
  • Announcement
  • Youtube Banners
  • Worksheet
  • Album Cover
  • Report

And there are still some that have similarities as mentioned above.

How to Use the Canva App

To use this application, you must first register via email or Facebook.

At first glance, this application does look complicated, especially in terms of various features. But in general, this application is very easy and simple, users simply choose a template that is already available or design their own, then make adjustments as desired.

Creating a Design Sharing Team

At Canva, design enthusiasts can unite to exchange ideas and assess each other by sharing the results of designs that have been made previously.

Selling Template Design Results

The templates available in Canva are the work of other users, some are available for free and some are paid. Paid templates of course require us to pay a fee to buy a license to use.

On the other hand, we can offer similar things to other users, sell our own templates or offer services.

Canva is a great place to learn design

Canva users come from design lovers with different skill backgrounds. Conditions like this can be used, especially for novice designers, as a place to learn through sharing from experts in this field.

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