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Get to know Tesla Bot, what technology is this?

what is a tesla bot
Image : TESLA Bot

Get to know Tesla Bot, what technology is this? The world of technology often attracts public attention.

Starting from the manufacture of vehicles with the latest innovations, to sophisticated robots that help complete human work.

If robotic technology to help human work is quite ordinary, what about robots whose prototypes are very similar to humans?

In 2022, a CEO of a famous technology company; Elon Musk has announced that he will make robots like humans. Are these robots dangerous?

Get to know Tesla Bot

In this review, you will be invited to know what a Tesla Bot is. This technology is being hotly discussed, and has now become a fairly popular topic.

Especially if you know who made it. The creator of this Tesla Bot is a person who is already famous for his expertise in the field of technology.

Without further ado. This is the review, let’s see.

What is a Tesla Bot?

Getting to know the Tesla bot, we will start with the question, what is a Tesla bot really? Tesla Bot is a robot produced and created by Elon Musk’s company.

This robot will be very similar to humans. Even the Tesla Bot prototype is almost similar to the human body posture.

Tesla Bot will be made with a height of 172 centimeters and a weight of 56 kilograms. This height and weight is an ideal size for humans in general.

If in general the robot has a fairly heavy weight. Specifically for this technology, Tesla Inc. will use lightweight materials.

The design of this robot is designed in such a way to be similar to humans. Of course, this technology invites a lot of public questions.

And the most serious question, can Tesla Bot harm humans and turn evil? We will discuss the answer later.

Previously, you had to know what technology would be attached to the physical form of this robot. The Tesla bot will be equipped with an autopilot camera on its head.

This camera functions as a Tesla Bot automatic navigation tool. Furthermore, the Tesla bot will also be attached to a screen that can later display some information.

So far, you must be thinking that Tesla Bot is very innovative and really shows technological progress, right?

The Humanoid Robot Maker at a Glance

who is the creator of tesla bot
Image : Tesla robot design

Next, after getting to know Tesla Bot. You must be asking who created a humanoid robot with this good technology?

In fact, we have already mentioned the answer. The Tesla Bot maker is the one who makes the electric Tesla car.

Yup, the answer is Elon Musk. Do you know who this great person is? Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX.

SpaceX is a well-known United States company engaged in the manufacture of space transportation. Even great, this company has worked with NASA.

Apart from being the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk is also the founder and architect of Tesla’s product creation.

Tesla Inc, is the name of Elon Musk’s company that produces Tesla electric cars. Tesla Bot company is in California which is located in the United States of America.

This company does not only produce electric cars. But they also focus on manufacturing engine components, and battery charging devices.

As a well-meaning CEO, Elon Musk allows anyone to use patents to make electric cars. The goal, so that the use and marketing of electric cars can run quickly.

That way, the electric car as an environmentally friendly technology can immediately overcome the existing problems. Namely pollution that is getting worse due to vehicles.

Purpose of making Robot

Robots were created to be a solution to mankind’s problems with their work. Like the problem of time efficiency on certain jobs.

Although the use of robot technology can reduce the number of workers. Because human jobs can be replaced by robots.

However, in some countries this is not the case. In fact, there are also countries that lack labor.

Therefore, robot technology is here to solve this problem. So, what about humanoid robots?

One of the robots that will launch in 2022 is the Tesla Bot. Tesla Bot is a humanoid robot that has a shape like humans in general.

Actually what is the purpose of making this human-shaped robot? The purpose of making the Tesla Bot robot is to facilitate everyday human work.

So that Tesla bots can help you in many ways, one of which is doing simple routines or activities. Tesla Bot will also handle repetitive human work.

Examples of jobs or activities that Tesla Bot can do are taking bolts or installing things on machines, changing light bulbs, and so on. And all that robots can do on human orders.

Even though Tesla Bot is a robot, its manufacture will still be focused on technology that is friendly to humans. So that the robot can mingle with humans.

That is the purpose of making this human-shaped robot. The goal is the same as making other robots, namely to help humans do various things.

But, will this robot turn into an evil robot? like in the films on television?

Will Telsa Bot Robots Be Dangerous?

You don’t have to worry, even though this robot works like other robots. However, the design and prototype of the Tesla Bot still uses limitations.

Tesla Inc will make Tesla Bot with less powerful and simpler physics. So, even if there is an error or the robot turns to attack.

You can definitely beat him. The company also designed the Tesla Bot in such a way, so that the Tesla Bot is not as scary as the evil robots in the terminator films.

They also created a Tesla Bot with human-friendly technology. So, it’s unlikely that you won’t be able to handle them if a sudden error occurs.

Other technologies also allow you to escape or defeat the robot when an error occurs. So, stay calm when faced with such a situation.

Even so, you still need to prioritize caution. Because any technology is not used carefully. Usually ends in loss or bad.

Regarding the danger or not of Tesla Bot. You don’t need to worry, because Elon Musk’s own company says that the technology they make will be controlled at both the mechanical and physical levels.

We also have to believe that technology like this must pass a test stage that prioritizes security. This applies to all existing technologies.

Not only Tesla Bot. Because, technology aims to overcome increasingly complex human problems so that they become lighter.

That’s a review about getting to know Tesla Bot as the latest humanoid technology created by Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. This robot will launch in 2022, so stay tuned for the launch process.

Maybe after reading the reviews above, you think you want to have it, but come back again, even though the price is relatively cheap, but we still have to look at the “Cheap” context regarding this one technology. Elon Musk ensures that the market price of the Tesla Bot robot is aimed at closing the gap.

They will probably charge the price of the Tesla Bot as cheaply as possible. But, cheap is relative, yes. Hopefully this review can add references to the topic we are discussing.

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