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Getting to Know the Virtual Tour Concept: Cheap and Festive Tour | Until Out of Country

what is virtual tour

You must be familiar with the motto “Stay at home”, it was viral and cheered by many people, including our beloved homeland. After spending a lot of time just sitting at home, maybe you think you want to go on vacation to one of the tourist attractions, or a friend who is busy doing other activities until you don’t have time to go on vacation, but there is a strong desire to do that. Don’t worry, because now the latest innovation has emerged for those of you who want to enjoy tourist attractions, namely through the concept of virtual or online tourism.

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What is Virtual Tour/Virtual Tour?

The concept of this tour may be very foreign to the ear, because its appearance is quite new, but that does not mean there are no interesting things there. We can also get satisfaction with what is offered through virtual tourism, but it seems impossible for you to get the beach atmosphere in its entirety if you do it online, because the beach atmosphere is identical to the gust of wind, so this is one of the drawbacks and you can’t feel it when virtual travel.

In certain conditions, this option can be very suitable especially when you want to spoil your eyes by visiting a museum, looking at historical objects there only with a lying position.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Since 2022, this concept has its own charm, for those who have a hobby of traveling on weekends, for the managers of tourist attractions will certainly feel helped, after some time there is a prohibition not to interact much outside the home. In difficult times like this, managers are demanded to think creatively “how to attract tourists through digital platforms, because this is the only alternative that can be used.

The advantages of virtual tours are clearly found in the choices and models, some are offered for free or for free, however, not a few also offer paid packages, with rates that have been determined by the manager. In this case, it means that we are free to choose without any coercion, and moreover, no one will feel disadvantaged.

Besides that, you don’t need to spend a penny to go to the location, it’s economical, right?. Low cost; That’s what I want to emphasize from the presence of this concept.

What are the drawbacks?; as explained above, you can enjoy not all choices or types of tours in their entirety, such as on the beach, without wind gusts and playing waves, it cannot be called a beach atmosphere. Even if you try to outsmart it by putting a fan in front of your face and soaking in the swimming pool, the sensation will certainly be different when you visit the beach directly.

Virtual Travel Technology

To realize a virtual tour, you also need to prepare some equipment to be able to visit there. The main equipment that you should have is virtual glasses technology or better known as virtual reality.

The presence of this technology has been around for a long time, it is often used among game lovers to feel the sensation of characters in video games, and also adds to the fun while playing. But in the difficult times of 2022, thanks to creativity, the latest ideas and innovations emerged by utilizing this technology as a means of connecting visitors and managers of tourist attractions, and in the end what we now know as virtual tourism is here.

How Virtual Travel Works

Not a few of my friends, there must be some who can’t wait to know “how does this concept or idea work”. Outline; prospective visitors simply enter a service via a link or application that has been provided, first you have to register whether it’s paid or free, depending on the agent. During the registration process, there will usually be a description or information about the destination, time and day.

However, there are also those who go on tour immediately after the registration process is complete. Tour guides can usually be characters or marker symbols that can be interacted with. Yes, in general, the appearance is not much different from the real world, it’s just that this is done online or virtual.

Virtual Tour Options

Everyone has their own choice, as well as in terms of tourist destinations, for lovers of climbing activities; of course the most appropriate place is a mountain or it could be a hill, you feel like playing water; the most suitable destinations are waterfalls, bathing pools, and beaches.

But so far, the most widely applied for virtual tours are tours of museums, historical places, and other unique places.

Virtual Tour Provider Countries

The good news ; You can not only enjoy services within the country, there are still virtual tour destinations abroad that are no less interesting, from indoor to outdoor, from historical museums to rare facilities.

What country is it?

1. America

2. Italy

3. France

4. English

5. Holland

6. Romania

7. Greece

8. Mexico

9. Croatia

10. China

11. Portugal

12. Taiwan

13. Russia

14. Spain

15. Austria

16. Indonesian

17. Arab Emirates

And there are several other countries. From the list of countries above. It turns out that the +62 homeland also has virtual tour services available.

What to Pay Attention to When Doing a Virtual Tour

This concept is not as complicated as when you travel directly to the destination such as preparing special needs and costs. For the sake of smoothness and convenience, what you need to pay attention to and prepare for is the smoothness of the internet network, this is an important factor if you want to travel online, of course this is important, who wants their activities to be disrupted especially when on vacation just because they run out of quota, or the internet network is not stable, eventually causing the internet network connection to drop.

Such distractions will only throw the holiday into disarray. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to these factors.


Virtual Tours or Virtual Tours are most suitable for those of you who want to go on vacation but don’t want to leave the house for some reason. In addition, this alternative is also quite economical, it does not need to spend a lot of money, such as transportation, consumption and other shopping.

Only with virtual glasses or other digital platforms, you can enjoy many tours, not only at home, even by sitting down and lying down, you can easily experience tourist destinations abroad.

Although the sensation is not like when you go directly, but it’s quite worth it under certain conditions.

Imagine if you have to go there, how much will it cost you, the cost of transportation alone if you calculate it is not small, it has not been consumed and so on.


Hopefully the above information is useful for those of you who want to know more about virtual tourism and its advantages and disadvantages. You can also use this post as a reference if you are interested in doing these activities.

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