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Graphene The Strongest Material Vibranium In The Marvel World

Graphene the strongest material
Graphene Material is Stronger Than Steel

Some of my friends must be familiar with the name Marvel, from here we can get to know various superhero characters such as Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Black Phantom and other superhero characters.

For those of you who follow stories of Marvel superhero characters, you must have heard the word “Vibranium” the strongest ingredient in the MCU universe. This material is used to make Captain America’s shield and the bullet-proof Black Phantom costume.

The question is whether vibranium exists in the real world?, the answer is no, vibranium itself is a fictional material that is only found in the marvel world, and this material is very rare, and is only found in the Wakanda area where the superhero Blackphanter lives.

If the strongest material in Marvel is vibranium, is there a material as strong and has properties similar to vibranium in the real world? of course there is, the name of the material is Graphene or graphene.

In the last 15 years, scientists have been researching this material, the thinnest material in the world, but 200 times stronger than steel.

This material has actually been seen and used often, maybe some will be surprised that this material is also found in pencils, yup, the pencils that you have often played since childhood for scribbling on the walls of the house.

In 2010, Andre K. Geim and Konstantin Novoselov from Russia won the Nobel Prize in Science through an experiment that was fairly simple, only with tape and graphite.

The two of them glued and peeled the tape over and over again, until they got the thinnest layer of graphite, which was later named graphene.

Graphene has a thickness of only 1 atom, which means it is included in the nanomaterial category.

So how do scientists know that graphene is very strong and even 200 times stronger than steel?

To measure the strength of a material, scientists use a Tensile Strength Test tool, they pull the material using a tool until the material breaks.

After the test, it turned out that graphene has a strength of 130 Gigapaschals, when compared to the strongest steel, namely Galvanized Steel which is currently used to hold one of the largest bridges in San Francisco called the Golden Gates, its own strength is 600 Megapacals.

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