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Have Strong Performance| Getting to Know and How Electric Car Engines Work |TESLA

Yr Art Tesla Cars

Today, electric cars often attract the attention of the whole world, including Indonesia. One of them is Tesla. Which, Tesla’s electric car engine deserves our thumbs up.

Because it has many advantages. This cool car is the output of the United States. Even so, quite a lot of car components come from Taiwan.

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How come? Yes, because indeed, Taiwan is already well-known throughout the world and is very capable in the electronics industry.

In fact, Taiwan has been in the industry for years. There are a lot of experts out there.

For example, there is Fukuta, Taiwan, which has succeeded in producing a Tesla dynamo. In the automotive world, modifications are commonplace, even legal.

The most important thing is still paying attention to the use and function of the car. And usually, the party making the modification can change any part, for example the interior or exterior.

As Tesla has done. Where, they make modifications to the engine. What was originally gasoline-fueled, is now electric.

So, don’t be surprised if you will find it difficult to find a Tesla car by stopping at a gas station to fill up with gas. Because all of their products rely on electricity.

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This is because Tesla has the hope that it can become a car industry factory that creates vehicles that do not emit carbon monoxide which is not good for the environment, which is a toxic gas produced by combustion in engines.

A Brief History of the Tesla Company

This factory is headquartered in California. And has been operating since July 1, 2003.

So far, many have thought that this huge factory belongs to Elon Musk, so you are a bit mistaken.

This may be because the one who often appears before the public is Elon Musk. In fact, the founders of the Tesla company were Martin Eberhard with Marc Tarpenning.

Elon himself only joined the company one year after the Tesla factory started operating. In which, he provided funds to the company in the amount of USD G.5 Million.

Interestingly, since Elon Musk’s entry into the Tesla company, it has had a very good impact on the company.

Tesla has made a lot of amazing progress. Because Elon occupies the position of Product Architect and CEO who has succeeded in producing the best cars.

And the first car released by the Tesla company was the Tesla Roadster, in 2006. Until finally they released the latest super-sophisticated products. Including the Tesla electric car engine.

Tesla Car Engine

I think most of us are curious about how the Tesla electric car engine actually works. Is it?

Work system

So, the battery will store the existing energy, then produce direct current or DC.

Meanwhile, the inverter will change the supply from DC which is the result of the battery to the AC system, then send it to the motor. This motor then turns the wheels or tires with gear contact, then moves the car.

Components in Tesla electric car Engine

In an electric car, there are three main components. Namely batteries, electric motors, and also inverters.

Where, this battery allows you to recharge. Well, when you recharge, and the electricity is empty, then that means, you are doing a process called the charging cycle.

Tesla model S

Interestingly, Tesla stated that they could do this charging cycle of up to 2000 cycles.

If each cycle can cover a distance of 400 km, then the battery life can last up to 800,000 km.

The lithium cell battery voltage that has been used is 3.7 volts. So that the voltage is higher, a combination of several batteries is made.

For the battery itself, Tesla uses a battery from Panasonic. They work together. The battery size is 18.20 mm x 65.05 mm.

The capacity is 3,400 mAh. Tesla electric cars are equipped with a Battery Management System or BMS for short. This BMS is useful as a controller of the charging you do.

Or excessive use. BMS itself will measure it using 3 parameters, namely voltage, temperature, and current.

If it feels unsafe, it will immediately disconnect. The next component is the Inverter. The inverter will convert the DC voltage from the battery into AC voltage.

In changing it, he would use the Pulse Width Modulation technique. This technique can produce the desired frequency, as well as voltage. So that will make the rotation can be regular.

Well, because of this regular rotation, you can also adjust the speed of the car properly.

One of Tesla’s electric cars

The following is an explanation of the Tesla S electric car engine:

Tesla Model S

Tesla’s first electric car engine was the Tesla Model S. This electric car has a very attractive appearance.

The shape is like a sedan. And very suitable for use by all circles. The design itself was designed by Franz Von Holzhausen. Initially, Franz Vo Holzhausen got the responsibility.

Namely to make a car that has a design that can attract the attention of many people, and can be reached by everyone.

The goal is to get as much profit as possible. Another goal is to make electric cars more and more popular with the public.

And have a good image. In this Tesla electric car engine, it doesn’t require some fairly large parts.

Which is definitely going to take up a bigger space. These parts include the engine, transmission, gas tank, and others.

All these components will be replaced with batteries that will be placed on the floor of the car platform.

So, this Tesla electric car will feel very relieved when compared to other cars. So, you can very freely transport goods and passengers.

The Tesla Model S battery capacity is a pack of 85 kWh. The number of lithium cells is 7104 cells. While the modules in it are 16 modules.

Where, the modules have been assembled in series. And every single module there are already 6 groups arranged in parallel.

Each group consists of 74 cells which are arranged in series. The inverter on this Tesla S electric car is a 320k inverter, and has the main component in the form of IGBT.

Tesla Electric Car Advantages

With a car engine that relies on electricity. Of course this one car has various advantages over other cars.

In fact, the advantage of Tesla cars does not only come from the engine. But from other components.

One of them is the software. So far, software has always been identified with mobile phones and computers.

In fact, it’s time for cars to use software to be more sophisticated. And to find it, you can find it on Tesla cars.

This car has software that is constantly updated. In addition, there is the application of technology with the concept of self-driving there.

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Self-driving is an early concept of autonomous-based vehicles, and the Tesla company has implemented it in almost all of their automotive products.

In addition, the futuristic appearance embedded in this vehicle makes it look more unique, so it is the main characteristic and is different from most car products.

Thus some explanations related to the Tesla electric car engine.

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