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How to Activate the AFINITY Feature in Mobile Legends | Affinity MLBB

Moonton has provided various features in Mobile Legends for player satisfaction, there are features for gameplay, event features and many others.

Each feature certainly has its own function, but there is one additional feature that is quite interesting to discuss, namely Affinity.

At first glance, there is a slight resemblance to the title hero, because when it is activated, a symbol will appear when entering the gameplay. Although there are similarities, their functions are completely different.

MLBB Affinity Explanation

Affinity is another language of Affinity, in Mobile Legends, this feature is included in the social sub menu symbolizing sympathy and interest because they have the same goal, what is the goal; clearly won the match in every match with a teammate.

Affinity/Affinity Functions in Mobile Legends

If we discuss the Affinity function, then there is one function that is very helpful for every player, especially for friends who have just created a new account. The limitations of heroes when you have a new account make it difficult for you to adjust to your opponent’s hero, with the presence of Affinity, we don’t have to worry about that, my friend can borrow another friend’s hero.

MLBB Affinity Advantage

So far, the Affinity feature is very useful for small accounts with a small number of heroes, besides that the symbols displayed can beautify the appearance. That’s just the advantage for now.

Lack of Affinty Mobile Legends

Haven’t found it yet, because it’s still fairly new, and if you look around it doesn’t really affect the gameplay, so far it’s still okay.

Let the discussion not be too long, let’s see;

How to Activate the Affinity Feature in Mobile Legends (Affinity MLBB)

To activate it there are conditions that must be met; namely collecting 150 familiarity points, how to get the points:

1. Complete a rank mode match with the friend you want to build Affinity (Point 6)

2. Completed classic mode (point 3)

3. Other matches, such as brawls and so on (point 2)

4. Send a gift in the form of a skin or hero (10% points of the prize value)

This point has a limit, 1 week is only 150, that means in one week you can only activate 1 Affinity for 1 friend. The activation process is as follows:

1. Go to the social features on the right, under the friends list menu

Choose a social symbol

2. After entering the menu, go and select the “Close Friends” sub menu

select the sub menu of close friends, the position is under contact

While in sub menu “Close friends”then there are 2 options there, the first “Affinity“and second”postponedAffinity’s first choice is friends who are already familiar,

while “postponed” friends whose affinity requests are postponed due to unconfirmed reasons or insufficient points.

If it is sufficient, then my friend can choose an option as shown below

the symbol marked with a red arrow will open when the points are sufficient

3. Then the Affinity option will appear, for choices that are free, you can spouse, brother, friend, confidant.

choice of affinity, the first symbol is a partner, the two brothers, the three friends, and the four confidants

4. Next is to wait for confirmation from the player we have sent Affinity to. If accepted, the Affinity symbol will appear when loading gameplay.


The Affinity or Affinity feature will be very useful if you want to borrow a hero from a teammate on the condition that the friend who borrowed the hero has already established an affinity relationship with a friend before.

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