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How to Change HD Quality Photo Background From Android Phone

Change photo background online
Change HD quality background

Deleting or changing photo backgrounds is not complicated, generally every photo editing application already provides features for this one purpose, some can be done manually and some are automatic.

Especially now that it’s easier, because almost everyone has made an Android cellphone device as a daily necessity. We can install photo editing applications anytime, anywhere.

But getting here there are things that are much simpler, no need to bother installing applications, because online tools are available that can be used for free and their use is very simple and easy.


This tool is based on a photo editing website, all you need to do is go to the fotoclipping website link via a browser.

The advantages of online fococlipping tools include easy use, no need to install applications, and does not use a lot of memory.

Its own drawbacks; maybe my friend knows what the lack of online tools is, so that’s it, it can’t be accessed offline.

How to Change HD Quality Photo Background From Android Phone

  • First of all go to the official website
  • After being on the veranda, please add the photo you want to replace the background with by Uploading Image
  • When the photo appears and has been automatically cropped, make adjustments to the less tidy parts manually.
  • Apply the background as needed
  • When finished, upload the photo, there are 2 choices of photo formats; PNG or JPG
  • Wait for the download process to complete

How easy it is, this will be very helpful at certain times, such as when you want to make an impromptu passport photo.

If Fococlipping is an online tool that can edit photographs, the offline tools can use Picsart as discussed in the post. How to Edit Photos on Picsart .


The two tools above are just a small sample of the tools that can be used to change the photo background on an Android phone, there are still many similar tools, whether it’s online or offline, the rest can be explored by yourself.

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