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How to Convert Canva Designs to Power Point on an Android Phone

Canva, which has been known as an online tool for design lovers, now users can easily use Canva’s features through applications that are available on the Playstore.

To be able to use Canva, users don’t have to have special skills, because these tools are designed like social media, we can exchange and share designs with each other.

There are various design options, for example; we can design wallpapers, posters, websites, presentation slides and many more options that will be found in the Canva application.

The Advantages of Presentation Format Design In Canva

When compared to ppt on dipc, maybe Canva is 1 level below it, but when it comes to alternative applications for designing ppt on android, this one app is the winner. Users don’t need to bother thinking about ideas from the start, through the templates that are already available, we just need to add our own creations so that the resulting display is unique.

There are many templates that are provided free of charge, so there is no need to go around importing templates from outside.


If we talk about the shortcomings, when compared to ppt, of course it is not as detailed and reliable as power point.

From the advantages and disadvantages above, this post will discuss how to convert or convert the results of the presentation slide design in Canva to power point via an Android phone.

How to Change Canva Design to Power Point Using an Android Phone

  • First of all, open the Canva app,
  • Make sure the format used is “Presentation”
  • Set the template design as you wish, for example changing the text, background color and others
  • After finishing designing, next
  • Select the icon in the upper right corner as shown in the picture
How to convert canva to ppt
canva powerpoint

  • After pressing the icon button as shown above, then search and select Power Point, Done
edit canva to ppt
canva to ppt

How, make it easy?, Besides being able to be converted to power point, the design results can also be directly shared to other devices and users, can be via links, social media, gmail, or can also be printed directly.


Canva is not the only android app that can be used to design ppt materials, but so far, Canva is quite popular as a multifunctional design application on Android phones.

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