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How To Convert Videos To Mp3 On Android/PC Phones

tutorial convert video to audio on android
Easy tutorial

Advances in technology have not directly led everyone to explore a new world with a collection of high-tech sophisticated products to the virtual sphere that we usually know as cyber. Not a few of them feel hypnotized while exploring further into it, some are even reluctant to return because it is too difficult to let go of the uphoria and unlimited entertainment that can be easily obtained.

The digital era at first glance does seem cruel, as if an invasion was carried out without mercy, accelerating all forms of change, be it culture, patterns of behavior and thinking. If you have fallen asleep listening to music on the radio as a child, this is a sign that you may be the same age. At that time, television was still a luxury item, never thought that there would be an electronic device such as a mobile phone. But music has been proven from the past until now that it has always been used as entertainment for everyone, me, you, and them.

But do you know what distinguishes audio-based music from video visuals?, if you answer that audio can only be received by the ear and video by the eye, my friend is not completely wrong, there is another term in the digital world to distinguish the two, namely extension. The easiest way to classify a digital file is by knowing the format or extension of the file. Music is born as mp3, while video is known to ordinary people as mp4. But actually this is not quite right, because in fact there are other formats for both.

There is a question “can I convert MP3 to MP4?”

To answer this question, we must know the origin of the file, and the format when it was first created, if from the start it was in MP3 form, then it is impossible to convert it to MP4, if you force this, the results will be useless. But if it comes with an MP4 extension and you want to convert it to Mp3, it’s definitely possible to do this, how do you do it?, before going further into the tutorial, it’s good to know the digital format of the two first, the goal is that we all know the rules for converting these two file extensions. .

What are MP3 and Mp4?

Mp3 is a word consisting of 2 letters and one number, is a familiar name for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 type files.

While Mp4 is known as MPEG-4 subsection 14, its function is devoted to files resulting from sound and image encoding, you know it as video.

From the explanation above, you should know where the difference lies. This is the reason why mp4 files can be converted to mp3 while vice versa cannot.

Tutorial How to convert Mp4 to MP3 without an application

If the file you want to change is already in the storage for your android phone or laptop/pc, then there’s no need to bother using other applications or tools, we just need to go to the file manager to find the file, after finding it, the action you have to do is replace file name, then add the .mp3 extension behind it, it will automatically turn into an audio file.

Using Android Apps

Some of my friends may often look for good songs on YouTube and other similar platforms, or accidentally see a music video clip that is pleasant to listen to, my friend thinks of making it a favorite song, then wants to add it to the playlist of songs on your smartphone. You don’t want to spend a lot of quota to get it, one way that can be done is by converting the file using the help of tools, which can be obtained easily on the Playstore, you just type keywords to find the right apps.

Utilizing Online Sites

Did you know that there are many websites devoted to converting extensions, it turns out that this service provider is quite sensitive to the problems that internet users often face, there are hundreds of similar sites scattered outside, their use is very simple, we just need to find the website, then enter a url, for example, you want to download a song from the youtube platform, as we know, the youtube service contains a collection of videos, and you want to download it in mp3 format. Well the first thing to do is convert it into audio form.

how: copy the video url, type “download youtube video” into google search, a wide selection of sites will appear, choose one, after entering the website, paste the url into the download column, click download, then a choice of formats for the file will appear which will be downloaded, the next thing to do is look for the mp3 extension, wait until the process is complete.

This last step can be done via Android devices or laptops / PCs. How, make it easy!.

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