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How to Download MP3 Songs Via VIDMATE on Android Phones

tutorial download mp3 on android phone
Vidmate Tutorials

Who doesn’t like listening to music, the phenomenon of hearing mp3 songs has been around for a long time and until now, almost everyone must have a list of favorite songs, especially with the presence of a gadgetd smartphone, anyone and anywhere we can easily enjoy the strains of songs from the list. list of music that we have made before. It’s that simple!

Coupled with the presence of the YouTube platform, there are scattered music videos that we can enjoy at any time. Of course it must be accessed online. Thinking of accessing it offline, adding to your mp3 collection on your smartphone, there is an easy way, namely by downloading and saving the file to your Android phone.

There are already many ways to do this, either through special mp3 and mp4 download sites or through special applications, such as Vidmate which is specifically designed to download various kinds of mp3 and mp4 files.

how to download songs on vidmate
Convert Mp4 to Mp3

What can be done through the Vidmate application?

  • Downloading/downloading mp3
  • download mp4
  • Convert Mp4 to Mp3

How to Convert and Download MP3 Songs Using Vidmate

  1. Install Vidmate Apps on android smartphonecan be downloaded via Playstore (if it is available), or directly to the official website
  2. Open the App Vidmate
  3. Determine the origin of the platform, from youtube, facebook, instagram or from other platforms
  4. Copy Music Video Url which will be converted or typed the title directly into Vidmate search
  5. After the video is found, Select download or download,
  6. There is a choice, download mp3 or mp4, please select mp3
  7. Wait for the process to finish.

Notes : The above method can also upload videos in mp4 format, depending on what type of format you want to save offline on smartphone storage. Next is to check the results in the storage folder. The steps above can be used for the old version of the Vidmate Application as well as the latest version.


Basically, this post is about how to convert mp4 to mp3, download songs via vidmate and upload videos using an application on an android phone.

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