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How to Enable Dark Mode Display on Telegram

telegram night mode
Telegram dark mode

Telegram is a chat application that is quite popular today besides WA, its function is not much different from other chat applications in general.

Currently the appearance of dark mode is starting to be in demand by android users, not only because it looks cool, but the presence of dark mode can reduce the intensity of light that can damage the eyes, that means dark mode is present for reasons of comfort and health of android users.

Telegram is no exception, which also offers this feature with a variety of displays with the intention of providing comfort and for a more aesthetic appearance.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a display that almost completely applies a black background to the background, thus creating a contrast that makes it easier for users to distinguish an object even from a fairly far distance and under certain conditions.

There are several dark mode options that users can apply to the chat display on Telegram, so for those of you who can’t wait to know how to apply dark mode, here’s how:

Dark Mode Tutorial on Telegram

The steps are very easy, just take a few steps, we can already enjoy the dark mode feature on Telegram

  • The first step, open the Telegram appfor the current view, select line 3 in the upper left corner, then we will be presented with a display as below;
  • Select Settings as shown by the arrow in the image below;
  • While in the menu, there are several other options there, for example bio, cellphone number and so on. The next step is to go to Chat Settingsas shown in the figure;
  • Now we have reached the final stage of changing the display to dark, after entering the Chat settings, it will look like below, what needs to be set is in the theme color section. The dark feature is found in color theme is dark and night, you can choose one.
  • If the appearance has changed, then that means after it has been applied and succeeded

How easy is it?, through this menu there are actually many things that can be done, including changing the font color, changing chat bubbles and so on, but because this segment is devoted to discussing how to change or activate Dark Mode in Telegram, I hope the above method can be understood, hopefully it will be useful.

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