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How to Fix "Adsense Not Recognizing Your Blog" Report | 100% Powerful

Adsense report not recognizing your blog
Adsense Report

Along with updates that are often carried out by Google, users will also feel a good impact when they are using their various services, the security factor is the reason why it is done. But behind that, gradual adjustments continue to occur, we are not directly required to adjust all forms of renewal, so if not, of course there will be other risks, such as errors and all forms of bugs because it did not adjust to the latest update.

Sometimes new features are also complementary, and of course accompanied by new processes as well. This impact is felt, especially for bloggers who have to adapt continuously to algorithms and additional features.

And this is what happens when the “adsense doesn’t recognize your blog” report appears. If you say something new, maybe not, but lately, similar topics have been discussed quite often in many discussion forums.

Are you the one who got a similar report?,

Maybe this incident is quite rare among Adsense users, but I also shared this problem with Mastah, but he said that he had never seen anything like this, his next response was, yes maybe Adsense has changed a lot now, it’s only natural that every reports vary.

I don’t know if my friends have experienced something similar, got a report “Adsense doesn’t recognize your blog, or just came here to know what the problem was. Not many people have experienced this, that’s why when I first encountered something like this, I was naturally confused, Yes, it’s normal, it’s rare.

But luckily I know what I have previously done in the google adsense section, so I can easily track down the cause of the “Adsense Not Recognizing Your Blog” report.

However, there is some information that I got from friends who have experienced the same thing, so before that, let’s try to identify what is the real cause of the report:

1. New Blog

The possibility of “adsense not recognizing your blog” is based on how Google recognizes and knows the existence of the website or blog that we are building, by routinely crawling and indexing the blog, allowing Google to get more specific information about and information on our blog. , but on the other hand, if there is no such action, then we can be sure that all Google services, including Adsense, do not recognize our blog.

2. Penalty Deindex

This one possibility can happen if the process is carried out when our website has been deindexed, which means that there is no more data index activity that occurs on the blog, now this could be the reason why Adsense doesn’t recognize your blog.

3. Adsense code installation error

What do you mean, this is what I experienced some time ago, long story short I have blogs A and B in one gmail account, I’ve linked website A, while B haven’t at all. Initially there was an intention to re-register A, I entered Adsense, took the code, then went to the blog theme, but because of some errors that occurred in Cookies on my device, as a result, a redirect occurred. B.

Because I didn’t realize that a redirect had occurred, unfortunately I just went into the theme, saved the code, then saved. After a few days of the review process, how come I feel strange suddenly a report “Adsense doesn’t recognize your blog”.

Went here and there looking for experienced masters to solve this problem, a long discussion ensued, there were many opinions and perceptions, which in the end led me to the conclusion that the error occurred because of misplaced Google Adsense code.

4 Blog not yet connected to adsense

Adsense does not recognize your blog, this can happen if our blog is not connected to Adsense. Incidents like this are rare, but for a beginner, it can happen, the cause is because you forgot to enter the Adsense code on your blog or website. That means pure user error.

This fourth point can be overcome by linking adsense first, then take the ad code and attach it to the theme section. For repair problems and so on, it depends on which point is being faced.

So far as we know there are only 4 indications why the report may appear in the notification. For how to fix it, according to my personal experience regarding point no 3 , just need to move the code to where it should be.

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