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How to Get Blog Traffic From Dreamstime | Shutterstock Photo

Maybe for some people, this sounds foreign, who would have thought that Shutterstock photos can be used as a traffic field for the websites and blogs that we are managing.

This is based on personal experience, and happened by accident.

I never thought that a place like this could be used as a source of traffic to a personal blog, but after proving it myself, it turns out that this can actually be done.

Dreamstime is a Shutterstock photo service that is quite famous among photographers in the world, there is a lot of buying and selling of photos there every day, but behind its function as a gathering place for photographers, there are other opportunities for bloggers to bring in traffic from that place.

If you say it’s different, yes, there is no difference at all, this method is very familiar and is often done to plant backlinks.

  • Can You Get Backlinks from Dreamstime?

The reason I made this article is because this method has been proven to increase blog traffic, even though the number of visitors who come from there is only hundreds per month, but it is quite good for a small blog. And the cause of the visitors who come is only that much, because since there are mostly outsiders and the language used is also international English, plus the number of links that I put up is no more than 5.

  • Profits Bring traffic from Dreamstime

Even though most of the users are from abroad, these people have a fairly high intention and interest in their field, therefore no matter how small the information we write there, they will be happy to explore the readings that are in it, for example information about sights at tourist attractions. or other unique tips about photographers, you can also share experiences.

Until now there are 37 million active users there, of course this can benefit us when creating backlinks so that our website gets visits from there as well as increases the ranking of the blog in the eyes of search engines.

The thing that must also be considered is not to share something that smells sensitive, yes, my friend, you know what the characteristics of sensitive information are like.

In addition, another advantage is the high level of visibility, what we write can be easily spread and recommended because users are connected to each other.

  • Where do you get visitors from?

As we know, the number of active users there is not small, some of them sooner or later will definitely visit the website through the link that has been created.

At first I also didn’t know that there was a blog feature on Dreamstime, a place for community sharing, initial estimates, that the articles there were made by a certain team or selected people who work for Dreamstime, but it turned out that after I tried to enter the blog, I posted the first article. , and it managed to get readers.

At that time I began to realize “oh that’s okay”, I finally tried to plant the first and second links in one article, at the top and bottom of the post. Sure enough, those 2 backlinks brought in 11 visitors on the first day, the highest number of visitors was 20 people per day.

I can’t imagine if you write regularly there, there will definitely be a flood of visitors.

Because this website is a place for photographer lovers, the discussion and discussion topics are certainly not far from the theme, for example an article titled “tips for getting maximum photos from a smartphone” or other unique tricks that can be applied to the world of photographers, you are free to choose the original title is still related to the big theme.

  • Where to start?

To be able to write articles there, the first thing that must be done is to register first through the official Dreamstime website. How to register is very easy, you only need to fill out the registration form for the account that will be used later.

We have arrived at the real goal, which is to create articles to get backlinks, the way my friend first goes to the blog feature by clicking the 3 line next to the profile photo, various features will appear such as; Stock Photos, Editorials, Illustrations and at the end there is a Blog option. After entering that section, look for the green symbol on the right for the mobile display, the top right for the desktop display. If you have found it, just select the symbol. see picture below:

increase website traffic

What needs to be considered is that you try to make quality articles and the contents are not made up, which means make them according to experience and facts in the field, use good grammar so that they are easy to understand.

For the number of words, try to be more than 500 words with in-depth discussion, the longer and the number of words, the more specific the information contained in it.

This is what it would look like if you were to start writing on this platform:

create quality backlinks

It should also be noted, all links that point out must have something to do with the article you wrote. Indeed, there is no minimum and maximum number of links that you can plant, but in order to maintain the convenience of readers, so that they are not considered spam, only include 1-3 links. . I think 3 is the maximum to stay safe.

Getting visitors from shutter stock dramastime is very possible as long as what is written can provide a positive value, those of us who don’t have hobbies in the photographer’s field can also contribute to making articles, recommending places with unique views, for example.

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