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How to Know ZTE Wifi Password | Indihome Forgot Password

how to see zte wifi password
Forgot wifi password zte

Indonesia Digital Home, commonly known as Indihome; so one of the wifi services that is currently popular and known among many Internet users, especially home wifi lovers and hangouts.

ZTE itself is a router brand that is commonly used, has a super fast data transfer speed, this brand is one of the most widely installed in the homes of Indihome customers.

In addition to providing super fast internet speed, the subscription fee is quite affordable, there are various monthly packages that you can choose according to your budget and customer needs.

Behind the excellent service provided, however, there are still some problems and complaints from customers, the most common of which is forgetting the password or password. It seems trivial, but this is a problem that often occurs, especially for new customers. Because of that,

Here ; How to find out ZTE Indihome Wifi Password:

Previously, this method could be done via smartphones and PCs, because this method without the need to install new applications at all, even just using a browser:

  1. Open browser via pc or android phone
  2. Type IP Address in the url field, then press Enter
  3. Because usually the forgotten password occurs when you just installed wifi, so you can be sure that the login username and password are still the default, fill in the column ( username : user )( password : user )or (username : admin )( password : admin )
  4. After logging into the ZTE router dashboard, search for “Network” > security”
  5. Look at the pass, done.

notes : The method above can be used when the router has just been installed, or has never changed the login password.

If it happens like this: forgot the login password, forgot the password, you can try the second method

How to find out ZTE Wifi Password via cellphone

Now, this second method can be said to be the most accurate and sure, because complaints will be answered immediately by Indihome via a call to No. 147. This number is the contact point for customer complaints, in case of disturbances, problems and so on related to services.

Here’s How:

  1. Call the number 147, on the android phone dial
  2. Wait until there are instructions for using the language, choose 1 for Indonesian
  3. Wait for instructions again, select number 2 for complaints about service interruptions
  4. The caller will be connected to the call center
  5. explain “forgot login password” problem

Repeat the second method if there are other disturbances or complaints about the service. Or just want to ask the package.

Notes : This second method uses personal credit

That’s all for sharing in the post entitled: How to Find ZTE Wifi Password | Indihome Forgot Password.

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