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How To Make Cinematic Videos In Minecraft Android | Newest Cinematron MCPE

minecraft cinematic tutorials
How to use cinematron mcpe

There are lots of minecraft cinematic footage scattered out there, showing the other side of the minecraft world from a different point of view, plus shader polishing to make the resulting footage even more interesting and realistic.

Considering that Minecraft is a video game that is spread across several platforms, such as PC, Xbox, Android, etc., so addons and how to make cinematics are of course different. For the quality of the cinematic results, it depends on the spec of each device, the higher the spec of the device used, the smoother the results are guaranteed, and you won’t miss it either; shader choices also determine the final result of the visual that will be displayed.

Minecraft cinematic is usually often used for documentation, for example, for those of you who are designing and building buildings in creative mode or the long journey in survival mode as shown in many 100-day Minecraft video content, added dubbing from the player, so it’s more like a movie. hollywood documentary but the shooting is virtual.

Cinematic creative mode is no less interesting, especially the builders of reliable minecraft architects.

Cinematron (Cinematic Mcpe)

If so far, what has been seen by PC cinematic minecraft, what about the android or MCPE version? Cinematic addon on PC, but the camera angles are the same, not much difference between 11, 12, depending on camera placement and movement.

Because it’s normal to make simple cinematics, so yeah, here I just share how to use Cinematron in minecraft android or MCPE:

This is where we have installed and activated the addon in the behavior pack settings, then we are in the minecraft world or map; make sure the cheat settings have been activated so that it is easy to call “command block”, continue ;

cinematron set
command block function set

For the flow: present a command block, add a camera, create a focus point, determine the direction of camera movement, set the speed of camera movement, start recording camera movement, reset the camera.

For details:

  1. First type /give @p command_block in the chat column, to bring up the command block,
  2. After that, Place the command block near the area you want to take footage of, make sure you don’t see this block on cinematic footage, why if you record the camera?, can there be an error?, or the camera can die?, no, how do you explain it; For example, when watching a movie, there is an exciting scene when a film crew suddenly appears in the background with a camera, what do you think?
  3. Next set the command block: CinematicControl function (Cinematic, uppercase c, uppercase Control c, the two writings are connected), always active and repeat.
  4. Now go to main process; type in the chat field /function add_replay this command is used when going to start shooting cinematic video, an armor stand will appear as a marker that this function has been implemented successfully,
  5. Create focus point : the focus point here is used for the camera’s focus point, even if the camera moves up and down or zigzags, the camera will always point to a predetermined point, the way is to stand up to the area you want to focus on, then when this command is in the chat column /function focus_point
  6. Positioning and determining camera movement : There must be at least 2 camera points, the first point is where the cinematic will start, the second point is the end of the camera movement. Open the chat field, then type /function point1 , point1 denotes the first point, for the next point /function point2, etc. For devices with standard specs, the recommendation is a maximum of 5 points, so the reason is so that it doesn’t lag.
  7. Set the movement speed of Cinematic : type this command in the chat column / function speed2 , speed2 movement is normal, above it is getting faster, and vice versa.
  8. Starting and recording Cinematic : camera and camera position have been set, then prepare the application to record the screen. But before that, first go to the settings menu in minecraft, video and activate “hide hud” and hide hand “, after that enter this command in the chat field /function start_replay. By Entering the command, the camera will automatically start moving, it’s time for you to record the screen to get a cinematic video.
  9. After finishing, and want to take new footage, do a reset by typing the command /function remove_all in the chat column. Repeat starting from:

/function add_replay , /function focus_point, /function point1 (dst), /function speed2, /function start_replay


Good or bad cinematic results usually depend on the placement of the camera movement points, and the recording can be edited again to make it even cooler.

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