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How To Make Portals Using Any Block In Minecraft Similar To Celestial HD [MCPE]

mcpe portal tutorial
Portal tutorial like Celestial HD mcpe

Hello Minecraft Mcpe friends, maybe this article post is a little late, but that’s okay, just think of it as a small note, who knows if you forget, at least you can remember it.

The initial acquaintance with this type of portal has been around for a long time, it’s just that everyone has their own creation to display it. Well, coincidentally a few months ago, and often logged in and was in the same room with a builder who was said to have been a pro build in MCPE, no need to mention his name, until now there is still one room, his building skills can be said to be an expert.

The story is that the house is shown. If you look at it from the outside, it is small, but when you go inside, it may be able to accommodate dozens of players at once. At that time, his reaction was a bit surprised, that’s normal, because he didn’t know the trick.

Again, he shows how to make a portal using “any block”, using pur-pur blocks, using stone blocks. At first I thought, wow, this is actually using a mod, but in the end, I was told how to do it.

Surely there are those who are curious about the stages and how to create a portal using any block in minecraft MCPE, let’s go straight to the steps:

Before that, make sure the “command block” setting is active

1. Prepare block whatever, it’s up to you to choose the block according to your taste

2. make a 4 x 5 . square shape

3. call CB” /give @s command_block

4. prepare the Redstone Comparator

Now, after the materials are ready and the blocks have been arranged in the form of a portal, then activate it so that it can be used

5.Dig down 2 blocksmake sure the position of the portal block with the command block like this.

any block portal tutorial
Example of a circuit
make a portal like celestial hd
Dig 2 blocks at the bottom of the portal, and 3 blocks forward for placement of cb and redstone comparator

6. Also pay attention to the position of the redstone comparator

7. command block code 1 :

” testfor @p[koordinat block portal tepat diatas command block] “How to write, for example: testfor @p[x=15,y=86,z=52,r=1],

for the point (radius or r must be 1 ). without quotes. Block Type : Repeat , unconditional, always active.

8. command block code 2 ” tp @p fill with destination coordinates, for example: tp @p 13 76 81 . Block Type : Impulse, unconditional, needs redstone .

Now that any block portal is active, close the command block below to make it look neat. To make sure that this works, please, my friend, walk towards the portal.

Furthermore, for this trick to work in the eyes of other players, my friend only needs to create a portal instead, right where we teleport through the initial portal, don’t forget to create the same background, for example the destination of the portal to the desert, make sure behind the portal a background is created using sand block.

How about it?, make it easy, now you can immediately apply this tutorial with the players on their respective servers, if there is a wrong word when delivering the tutorial above, just take the positive side, thank you.

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