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How to Overcome Emails in a Queue on an Android Phone

email problem in queue
Resolving Emails in the queue

First of all, to be honest, this is my first time getting a “Email In Queue” report, so a disclaimer first;

Disclaimer : what will be conveyed in the points below, not all of them are based on personal experience, some of which come from the other side of the question and answer forum.

The device used is an android device, incidentally there are 4 gmail accounts that are connected and have been synchronized automatically.

The email used for the first time, the “email in queue” report appeared multiple times, I’ve tried it dozens of times and the result is still the same.

Because it still can’t be sent using the first email, I tried using the second email, and it finally worked.

Some Possible Causes of “Email In Queue”

From the above, there are several possible causes:

  • Unstable Network
  • Smartphone storage memory full
  • The number of messages in the Email has reached the limit
  • Error in writing Email Address

For some of the causes above, here’s how to deal with emails in a queue on an Android phone:

Email in queue

Turn off the data for a few seconds, switch to airplane mode then re-enable the data network or restart the smartphone device.
  • Smartphone Storage Memory Full

This is a common thing, please do some memory cleaning, such as cache, uninstall applications, or temporarily move data on your smartphone.

  • The number of messages in the email reaches the limit

Maybe this is an experience that I’ve had for some time, the condition of the email has been around for a long time, I don’t know how many total messages have been there, but for sure there have been thousands of messages.

I’ve tried sending an email several times, but it still fails, because it keeps failing, I tried another email, and it was sent successfully.

  • Email Address Writing Error

The cool term is typo, this can also be the cause of the appearance of email reports in the queue.


So, if any of you have another way, maybe you can share it with us via the comments column.

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